I think that in today’s generation the word reputation has lost its meaning. The young people believe that the angrier they come off the better it is for their reputation. The number of times they go to jail the better it is for their reputation. In other words rebellion is great in the minds of those who are seeking to have a reputation of street respect.

A reputation in and of itself comes from the character or performance of an individual.

We who are in CHRIST JESUS must always have a great reputation that will go before us. No one should hear our names and sigh; people should be fighting to have us with them. Our reputation is a witness to whom we serve. We must step back and evaluate ourselves a minimum of every six months asking and being honest with ourselves where we can improve and where we have improved (where we have improved will be told to you by others).

Also we have too many closed mouthed CHRISTians out here who will not orally witness about their faith in JESUS because of their lives or because they are not spending quality time in the Word to know just who JESUS really is or what HE has done; what HE is doing and what HE will do. Apart of your reputation should be that people know that you are a CHRISTian and that you are available to be spoken to using your personality to get across to people. It is not your job to judge but to listen and to give them a comforting word from GOD and you may have to paraphrase it. I remember when I used to work in a secular job; I never broadcast that I was in ministry but it got out. Some people had a hard time believing it because I did not walk around pious or every time I opened my mouth a scripture would fall out. I was just me. One day a fellow employee was going through a really tough time and another employee suggested that she speak with me. She thought that the employee who made the suggestion had lost her marbles but she convinced her and she called me and we met in a conference room. She was a bit apprehensive because she just could not see me being a help to her so I just sat there until she spoke. She began and once she finished I began to speak with her. The result is that she cried and thanked me; she said that the load she was under had lifted and that she was going to tell others who have problems to come to me. I asked her not to do that. What I did notice is that she joined our Bible Study group that was held once a week and that she brought others. It was a little harder after that to stay hidden and more would come who needed counseling. I was just me; I did not have a bible with me and I must admit I do not have book; chapter and verse memorized but I do have the Word of GOD memorized (thank GOD I’m not penalized by GOD for not knowing where in book; chapter or verse).

I have been set free of how man or woman will view me because if I actually walked on water in view of every human on the planet they will find something else wrong with me. So I only care about my reputation with GOD. When HE’s happy with me I know it and I’m satisfied.

Unfortunately it’s true; the good that we do is stored in man’s short term memory. The bad that we do; is stored in man’s long term memory. We don’t continually remind others of the good that one does as we do when one falls short. This causes a destruction of one’s reputation. First find favor with GOD then with people; you’ll earn a good reputation.    Prov. 3:1-4

I’ve been poor and I did not like it. I’ve been rich and I was comfortable. I’ve been poor again and again I did not like it. I seek true riches from GOD. True humility in The LORD lead to riches, honor and long life. Prov. 22:1, 4

I would rather risk my life in JESUS and do and say what is right losing nothing but misery rather than risking to serve the devil by obeying his every whim and losing out on it all in life on earth and hell.

Openly confess JESUS before the people and HE will openly confess you before the presence of HIS FATHER. Luke 12:8

Humble yourself before GOD and HE will lift you up in honor. 1 Ptr. 5:6 

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