Exalt Pt. 8

Exalting GOD with lifted hands

Proverbs 4:8

Okay, during the previous seven parts I have encouraged, informed, and inspired you to exalt the LORD Most-High GOD/who is the FATHER, the SON JESUS, and if you were not aware HIS Holy Spirit. The three separate attributes, characteristics, personalities of ONE GOD. But were you aware that when we with our entire heart exalt GOD that we get something out of this? Oh, dearly beloved never think that exalting GOD is done in vain, this is not a religious act on our part but what it is, is our building up our relationship in HIM and with HIM. Think of it as our expression of loving on HIM. Is this not what we do with our parents, those that we are dating, those that we have entered a committed relationship with through marriage, and with our children? We are always telling them that we love them and encouraging them with what they have accomplished or trying to accomplish. We never think or never should think to tear someone down or ignore them by being indifferent to them, do we? Well for some that may be a yes, but today we are going to cease tearing people down and being indifferent to them even when what we see or hear them say is goofy. As long as what people are doing does not bring harm to themselves or others we are going to be an encourager when they share what they have with us.

GOD desires that we love on HIM not just with our words but with our actions. But we must understand that we cannot do anything or say anything that is not living within our heart. So, how do we get to love on JESUS so that we can daily exalt HIM? Read HIS Word, believe in HIS promises for us, put them into practice until it becomes a part of our nature what HE said we can do. Get to know who JESUS is and why HE LOVES us so very much.

Believers in CHRIST must believe, cherish, love, prize, and treasure the Wisdom of GOD. GOD’s Wisdom is off the chain and will never fail. Our wisdom however is sometimes a winner and most times a failure. I should know, I have made a yacht load of mistakes in my times and most likely will make some more. You have experienced mistakes also made because you did not look for GOD’s Wisdom, rely on GOD’s Wisdom, and trust in GOD’s Wisdom. And the reason why we made such ridiculous mistakes is that our faith was not being exercised in whatever area. We did not recall the past victories won when we trusted in GOD’s Wisdom. We did speak the promises that GOD gave to us that pertain to our faith of what HE is or will do on our behalf. We allowed the pressure to take control and the enemy [devil] pushed us to move before we should have. Exalt, embrace, highly esteem the value of GOD’s Wisdom over our own and value that. Hold on to that and use what HE gives to us with everything that we have and watch just how GOD’s Wisdom will bring honor to us. Yes, honor not disgrace or defeat. But honor. So, exalt GOD daily, recall past victories in HIM, and know because HE did it before HE will give us the victory again.


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