A page from my journal-2

There is no faith that we should shun. As true believers of CHRIST JESUS we should speak with all people regardless of their faith. Remember, we who have come to the knowledge of CHRIST JESUS were also once lost in our blindness to the truth and even though we may have heard the truth; our ignorance kept us from coming to the call that we heard from the Holy Spirit. I remember before I came to JESUS I was one of those who hated answering my door only to find that on the other side was a JEHOVAH’s witness. It continued in my walk of faith during my baby, youth and adolescent years of being a child of The LORD GOD. When I came to maturity and learned to love people from all walks of life; my vision was changed. I began to look for JEHOVAH’s witness and could not find one. Then I began seeing them at the 7/11 stores standing about 10 feet away from the door with their awake pamphlets. When they would start up a conversation with me and I began to roll off my tongue the names of JEHOVAH like JEHOVAH-Jireh, JEHOVAH-Shalom, JEHOVAH-Nissi and so on. I got the most peculiar looks and they began to move away from me; as if I was a lunatic. This went on for years; I would even ask them to share their salvation experience with me and got nothing but their backside; as I began to chase after them. Well, I just had to accept that JEHOVAH’s witness will not witness to me. Then I began to notice that more and more CHRISTians would share with me their experience and how they hate to have them come to their homes or speak to them at the 7/11’s. I would always say with a surprise; “but why, don’t you know that you are the true JEHOVAH’s witness”? Many do not and maybe they did not know this because they have never been taught the names of GOD. Or maybe they have never read books on the names of GOD or maybe they have never read their Old Testament which provides the names of GOD using ADONAI, JEHOVAH and YAHWEY. The New Testament also uses ABBA. The GOD we serve has many names which are found in HIS Word. Hey, I get it; I don’t like much being awakened early in the morning either by a knock or door chimes. I dislike it even more; when I’ve just come home. Many young people when they get home are preparing dinner; having dinner with the family or having family time and just like a telemarketer here comes JEHOVAH’s witness. 99% of those who are lost in sin will just ignore them if possible. While many CHRISTians will do the very same thing (I refuse to guess the percentage). CHRISTians should never shun a JEHOVAH’s witness because if nothing else they do know their bibles the major problem is that they don’t realize that they no longer are under the law; and most important JESUS has set them free. They know little about JESUS and it’s up to CHRISTians to share JESUS with them. Have a talk with them and each time they use the name JEHOVAH which is also JESUS you use JESUS which is also JEHOVAH. Stop boasting that you are a CHRISTian because being a CHRISTian is nothing to boast about. What’s worthy of being boasted is JESUS and all HIS glory. Know this and you will know why you can call yourself a true JEHOVAH’s witness. You influence them by your love and compassion towards them and speaking the Good News with them. Remembering that at one time you too were lost in what you believed. Make it a point to confess that JESUS is the SON of JEHOVAH come in the flesh. After all; this is a commandment and the other is to love.  You belong to CHRIST JESUS which means that as HE is so are you. HE is filled with LOVE, Grace and Mercy and so should you be. Show honor for JESUS because without HIM we could not have come to The FATHER who is JEHOVAH.  

The definition of JEHOVAH? GOD / I AM that I AM / JESUS 

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