Return to GOD

Joel 2:12-13

The enemy is good at having people think
that GOD is the cause of all that is going wrong in our lives. Actually it’s
the enemy and we are in partnership with him and we don’t even know it. The
enemy will orchestrate negative effects by telling us or someone else something
that does not seem so bad until we see the effects of it. GOD, however when HE
speaks to us and others; we know what the effects will be because HE does not
have any hidden motives. Everything that HE does and speaks is from LOVE.

When a person is stressed and depressed
the enemy may say something like this. “It would be better if you were not
here; no one likes or loves you anyway. You would be doing everyone a favor if
you were not here”. If you are successful with your suicide in reality it was
not better; you left behind a very distraught family which may lead someone
into alcoholism or drug addiction because they will begin to feel the guilt of
your death ever wondering what they could have done to have made life better
for you. And did you know that GOD commands that we are not to murder and that
there is no place in heaven for a murderer. Well you are dead; you have left no
room to repent and ask GOD for HIS forgiveness of this evil sinful act against
yourself. So where does that leave you if you are not permitted in heaven? GOD
on the other hand see and hear that you are struggling with stress and
depression; HE does not take pleasure in your being this way and it breaks HIS
heart. HE will send people your way to help you out of the stress and
depression; HE will lead you to a loving and caring church; HE has reminded you
of the funny things around you even on television. But it’s up to you to
recognize the help. HE has also provided HIS SON who had already taken all that
stress and depression from you on the cross. JESUS never once asked for you to
take it from HIM; HIS gift to us is freedom not bondage.

So return to GOD with all your heart; mind
and soul. Allow GOD to tear down that hard heart and replace it with a loving
heart. GOD is gracious and merciful in all HIS ways; HE is very slow to anger
and I bet that in your lifetime HE still has not gotten angry with us for our
ignorance of sin. HE totally understands why we do the things we do but HE is
our escape. HE is extremely kind and HE turns away from causing us harm.

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