Righteous – Matthew 9:13

(Easy to read Bible) You need to go and learn what this Scripture means: ‘I don’t want animal sacrifices; I want you to show kindness to people.’ I did not come to invite good people. I came to invite sinners.” (NKJV)  ‘I desire mercy and not sacrifice.’ For I did not come to call the righteous, but sinners, to repentance.”

 I’m going to use my life as I so often try to do when writing these blogs. I’m living this right now; there is someone that I know who is unable to do much of anything for themselves. I love this person greatly but recently I had been greatly hurt by this individual. Neglecting the fact that this person has hurt me and that I no longer trust this individual any longer. I can’t stand back with knowledge knowing that this person is in need of help. I am providing my help out of pure love and desire nothing in return. This person has not asked for my help but I’m certain that the person is grateful that someone has chosen to place themselves on the back burner to assist where assistance is needed. For sure I know that my DAD is pleased with me because I am living what JESUS has requested of us all. That is to be kind; to be merciful to people. It’s not about me; it’s not my business what that person has said to me; it’s not my business how this person has hurt me. What is my business is how I am to that individual. It’s not hard for me to be kind and merciful because The Holy Spirit lives inside of me and my will lines up with His will. Now I’ve been saved for over 33 years and each day I’m transformed into my FATHER’s character and reflect HIS integrity. I am no longer my own but HIS. JESUS came looking for me all those many years ago; I was not looking for HIM. I was a sinner enjoying my life to the best of my ability not knowing due to ignorance that I was a sinner lost on my way to hell. The Holy Spirit invited me to come to JESUS and I accepted. Now I’m not saying that this walk has been easy peasy; because it has not. It’s not easy to do away with the nature of the flesh and all its desire. It’s not easy to lay aside your own will. And GOD will train us up; we are instantly transformed but it takes time to stop doing what pleases us to think, say and do what pleases GOD. My old self would have still loved this individual but it would have been easy for me to not have come to assist. I’m filled with great joy because I know that my sinful ways are daily falling away and righteousness is overtaking me. If it’s true for me it can be true for you also. This is what it’s like to be righteous. If you are asking this question “what have you done for me lately?” Then, you are missing what JESUS desires from you; but if you are asking “what can I do for another?” Then you understand the scripture.


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