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The United States of America is a wonderful nation to have been born into. However, in my lifetime alone I’ve witnessed my country decline because it is being forgotten that this country was based on moral integrity. I want to see the people in this wonderful country humble themselves to our Living GOD so that this country, this nation will be recognized as great. Daily I witness the decline of our native born citizens’ move further and further away from our Holy GOD and HIS Word. Instead of moving away we must turn towards our King of Peace, CHRIST JESUS. We need to be near to HIM so that HE will be nearer to us. The LORD GOD desires to hear for us to call on HIM so that HE will be to us whatever we need. 

Initially, when we came to the FATHER in the name of JESUS we came towards HIM with a broken heart a heart that was worn down by sin. Our heart was filled with grief and sorrow because we realized that we are sinners and that we need a Savior. Now my heart breaks because I hear many call themselves CHRISTians yet they side with the voice of the sinners, the rebellious, the nonbelievers. Daily we need the Savior, we need JESUS all day, all night and every day and night. The LORD GOD is well pleased with anyone that will take from HIM as well as obey HIM. Much too often it is thought that the Living GOD despises the people for being sinners when in actuality that is far from the truth. The FATHER sent HIS only begotten SON, JESUS to earth for us, to save us from ourselves and sin. We are not despised to tell the truth we may say that we love GOD but our actions reveal that we are the ones who despise HIM. 

When we come to the FATHER through CHRIST JESUS with a bruised and broken heart HE will come nearer to us. HE will save the one that comes to HIM worn out by sin and self. All we are asked to do is come to HIM in truth, to come near to HIM via faith because you believe and trust in HIS SON JESUS. 

Oh, what a joy to know that the FATHER, SON, and Holy Spirit will live within anyone that has a broken and humble spirit towards HIM. The citizen of the United States of America and all inhabitants of earth must have their spirit man which is dead without CHRIST JESUS to be revived in HIM. The LORD GOD is an Elevated, High, and Holy GOD. HE will never decrease while we are increased in self and sin. When we come to the FATHER in our brokenness HE alone will revive, refresh and mend our brokenness. 

The FATHER has issued a command of all mankind that is not being adhered to by everyone and that is to love HIM with our entire heart with understanding. With all our soul which is a mental and emotional love. And to love HIM with all of our strength. The next commandment that HE requires of us is to love our neighbor but in order to do this, we must first love ourselves. It is impossible for us to be forgivers and lovers toward others when we do not understand what it is to forgive and love ourselves. When we learn to love ourselves because we know and understand that we are loved by JESUS CHRIST and the FATHER we will sacrificially love those who are not very lovingly. 

We will not see our brothers and sisters in CHRIST JESUS having a need and not assist from what we have. Sometimes this act of love will require a sacrifice on our part because we may have to do without to help our neighbor who is in need. The best way to learn how we are to care for one another is to study the book of Acts. If we all learned to live and speak as it was done in the book of Acts there would be no need for public assistance. 

Our FATHER would never see us in need because HE knows what we have need of. And HE shows HIMself through people. Because of this, we have all that we need, we are not in lack.  Oh, to be full because of the love from our brothers and sister in JESUS CHRIST. What a pleasure we provide to our Holy GOD because when we sacrifice out of obedience it is a sweet smelling aroma. So let us not forget to share out of our abundance in all things. Always be mindful of pleasing the FATHER through JESUS CHRIST the author and finisher of our faith who provides our provisions. That HE may see our sacrifice of love. 

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