Arguments are such a great waste of time in the lives of people. If we understood why we sometime argue we would not give attention to arguing. Arguments come from misunderstandings. When one has not heard what the other has said completely; when one does not have the full knowledge of any particular subject; when one provokes another to anger with information that is inaccurate and so on. The best antidote to an argument is to walk away; not give attention to strife in any form. When someone speaks with you directly to provide you with instruction; it’s good to confirm what that person has said as to not be thinking one thing when the person means something all together different. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. When someone speaks to you about a subject and you know that the information that is being relayed to you is inaccurate; wait until that person has completed speaking then try to explain what you know the subject matter to be. If the person disagrees; that’s perfectly fine. That person has the right to disagree with you as well as you having the right to disagree with that person. However, instead of getting into a heated conversation agree to disagree but if the other individual wants to continue; you must be the mature individual and walk away. Your ears are not garbage dumpsters; stop allowing people to place negative conversation into your hearing about another person or what another person may or may not have said. Honestly it’s none of your business what another person has said about you. What is your business is what you say about others and as long as you never have a negative word to say in the hearing of others than you have nothing to worry about. Because if people will run and tell you what another has said about you; you must know that they will run and tell what you have said. Prevent an argument and speak to a person that has hurt you or has caused emotional discomfort to you in anyway. Be the more mature individual. When you have done what you can to live peacefully with others there is no more you can do. GOD has taken notice of your attempt to bring glory to HIM by your conduct. Another cause for argument is when a person thinks more highly of him/herself than he/she should. In other words it’s a grievance when in a family or group structure of any type that a person believes that he/she is the favorite. This brings about bad emotional feelings within a setting. Love is replaced with bitterness towards an individual; you don’t want to be in the same area as that person. I’ve known special family events to occur when a family member declined because another family member was attending that same event. It caused pain to the host/hostess because of this argument that is going on about who is greater in the eyes of whomever. When your emotions are inflamed to the point that you are ready to argue; it’s because you’ve not spent time thinking on things that are lovely; things that will exalt GOD in your mind. Being right or wrong is not the issue and to be honest; who besides you really care? You have to learn to cast down anything that does not bring GOD glory to your mind and heart. Because if you do not give glory to GOD in your mind it will not elevate to your heart and all that is within your heart will be known by your speech. So allow your speech to exemplify GOD’s glory.

 Scripture and definition

Luke 9:46-50

2Corinthians 10:3-6

1Timothy 6:3-4

Oral disagreement; verbal opposition; contention; altercation; persuasive discourse; lack evidence or proof.

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