Salvation – Psalm 13:5

My heart shall rejoice in YOUR salvation.

Who or what have you celebrated? Who or what have you delighted yourself in? Who has shown your glory through what they have done or said? Is your joy everlasting regardless of your circumstances? Is there anything that you do that causes you to be triumphant within your own strength? Who has given you great cause to revel in them? 

These questions are very relevant to CHRIST JESUS. Though you and others are to be celebrated; mankind’s celebration is often based on temporary performance. Mankind is delightful but we view mankind as being delightful only when mankind has said or done something that we are in agreement with. Our glory is often referred to as pride as in the pride of our child/children; the pride we have for our spouse. Most people know nothing about joy because they are more acquainted with either being happy or unhappy. Happiness is based on the temporary. Joy is based on the eternal. Most people don’t see themselves as being triumphant; how can they. Non-believers are consistently under the foot of the enemy and some believers don’t know that they are triumphant because of what CHRIST JESUS has done for them. Mankind is often in merriment for all the wrong reasons; we can be found in night clubs; after hour parties or in some type of revelry that causes nothing but grief after it’s all said and done. But when you think of CHRIST JESUS and all that HE has done for you; so that you could step into and receive the salvation that is offered to you. Your heart swells up with the celebration of HIS rising from the grave for you. You find that you are a delight in the LORD because HE loves you so much. GOD’s glory is from everlasting to everlasting; it never ceases. The joy of the LORD is your strength and joy is one of the important virtues that we obtain once we walk in the Spirit because the Holy Spirit will activate this virtue within us. The believer will learn that he/she is triumphant in CHRIST JESUS because JESUS has become triumphant over the devil and all that the devil dishes out. The devil has no power; with the exception of the power that mankind gives to him by believing in what he will say to you and acting on it. The believer should always revel in the knowledge of who they are in CHRIST JESUS and be filled with merriment because CHRIST JESUS has saved you from the pit of hell. You don’t have to stand before GOD the Judge. You don’t have to be cast out of the presence of the Living GOD because HE will say to you that HE does not know you. You don’t have to suffer under sickness and disease. You don’t have to succumb to the cravings of the flesh which will cause you to sin. There is no good thing found in the flesh. So let your heart rejoice in CHRIST. Your heart should always be busy rejoicing about JESUS. Remember, daily that you are saved and eternally alive in CHRIST JESUS. You no longer stand on shaky ground but on the solid foundation of CHRIST JESUS. When your circumstances begin to look large; tell your heart to get busy rejoicing in the salvation given to you by the Living GOD. Pray and turn your prayer into praise. Sing to the LORD a new song. 

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