There is none other who is more glorious in HIS appearance. There is none other who has greatness in strength that even today, the traveling of HIS Word in the use of HIS name, JESUS, is trying to be stopped but cannot. The Word of GOD in and through JESUS was in the beginning and was then and is now spoken in righteousness, it’s HIS truth that is mighty to save.

The very name of JESUS holds such great power that demons tremble and run away from the ones who use HIS name in and with authority and faith. No other name and no one else can save the people of this world from their sins other than JESUS.

CHRIST JESUS came into this world to save all and every sinner. No person need to be left out because no sin is so great that JESUS cannot deliver and save us from. The challenge is within humankind, are you willing to believe, have the faith and receive CHRIST JESUS as your Savior? And are you willing to make CHRIST JESUS the LORD over your entire life? Are you willing to stop allowing sin to be your lord? Are you willing to stop allowing guilt to be your lord?

Understand this, in every confusing thing, is the root of sin. In every lie there are many sins, in every deception there are many sins, and in everything negative is the root of sin.

JESUS was born into this world to become approachable, touchable and to save sinners because HE understands the cravings and desires of the flesh. Yet, JESUS is the only one who conquered sin by not giving into sin. JESUS is our Victor so that we can be victorious. JESUS is our Overcomer because HE is alive so that we can be overcomers in this life through HIM.

Isaiah 63:1; Matthew 1:21; and 1 Timothy 1:5


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