Have we children of the Living GOD forgotten that HE alone is still LORD of earth and heaven? I mean among all the dark and wicked things that goes on around us, do we forget that we still have a mediator who sits at the right hand of our FATHER who is praying for us? When we pray asking the FATHER in JESUS name; JESUS prays to the FATHER on our behalf.

I’m ashamed to say that I forget sometimes. I get so frustrated with seeing so many people lost to alcohol, drugs, hellish conversation, and disrespect for self and others, open crime and such. Nothing is hidden any longer everything is splat out in the open. Christians are spending more time reading the newspaper or watching the news report rather than reading their bibles. How do I know? I listen to the conversation of those who profess to be Christians and who I know attend weekly worship service. Their conversation is laced in failure, they have forgotten that they are winners. They have forgotten that they are the very ones with the answers this dying sinful world needs to hear from. Not the morning, afternoon or nightly news because all they are going to tell us is who murdered whom, who stole what and who cheated. What is helpful is the traffic and weather report however. Not the gossip rags that come on television who tells us what entertainer is sleeping with whom, married to whom, divorcing whom, wearing what.

Don’t get me wrong I’m not knocking those things by informing any of us to discontinue to cease watching them, that’s up to you and your growth in CHRIST JESUS. What I am suggesting however, is that the children of the Most Highest GOD should always have on their full armor totally equipped with a ready answer for yourself and others.

We must remember daily to thank our FATHER and praise HIM for the wisdom and understanding we ask of HIM just to get through another day. Our FATHER’s wisdom has no bounds ours does, with our FATHER’s wisdom we find our-self stress less instead of being stressful or anxious. HIS wisdom and understanding will provide us with such inner peace.

So before you begin your day maybe while you are in the shower thank DADDY and praise HIM, HE is worthy. Then while you are drying off and moisturizing ask HIM for today’s wisdom and with HIS wisdom to give you understanding. Make this a practice, you’ll find it’s worth giving HIM thanks.

Daniel 2:23 & Matthew 11:25

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