2 Samuel 22:3

What do you think of when you hear someone ask you if you are saved?

If you are anything like I was when I was a kid and my mother told my siblings and me that she had been saved; you may have thought that maybe someone helped her get out of the way of a moving car or stopped someone from mugging her. I want to begin a clear understanding of just the word Save using various verses in the bible from old testament to the new testament. It is my desire that those who do not belong to The LORD GOD will begin to understand why it is so important that GOD’s created self image (people) are brought back to HIM. 

Sin is a component that in and of itself causes humans to be weak; untrusting of truth but trusting in lies; unprotected; no place to seek comfort or shelter from harm and is often a lifestyle of violence.

JESUS has come to save people all over this planet. We are created in the image of GOD yet we don’t have a life in HIM. We don’t think of GOD as our FATHER; provider; healer or friend. We believe that GOD is someone who is often referred to “as the man up there” which is blasphemous. Some of us just don’t believe in GOD at all because we can’t see HIM, hear HIM or touch HIM. We can see the oxygen we breathe yet we live by air. We have never heard the great speeches made by famous men and women; yet we believe in what they have said. We can’t touch our loved one who has departed because of death; yet we believe that they are with us watching over us. We are so blind and death to the very existence of GOD our Creator that we actually turn away from those who try to talk with us about JESUS. It’s an unconscious hatred that we hold towards HIM. 

1 Chronicles 16:35

Only The LORD GOD is our true Salvation; no one else has the ability to save people but The LORD GOD. Our salvation does not come through people, places or things. JESUS is GOD in the flesh and HE came to earth with one mission and that is to save the world.

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