Wisdom-Psalms 37:30

Righteous is to have a moral upright character that reflects the life in CHRIST JESUS. Wisdom comes from the LORD GOD alone; we often times get knowledge and wisdom confused. Knowledge comes from environment; books; school; life. Knowledge is an attribute of learning be it right or wrong. But Wisdom; it’s apart of the LORD GOD HIMSELF. Justice is simple rendering what is rightfully due and each case maybe different. So now that I’ve simplified what the scripture is to relate to us; how is it that so many of us do not speak wisely? It maybe because we are still conforming to the language of this world versus the language of the Word of GOD. People remind me of parrots; always repeating what they hear another say versus thinking for themselves and having an individual thought that could possible sway another to take another look at a situation. I remember how someone confronted me with what the Constitution of the United State has written in it. After he finished with his thought I asked him the following question; “when was the last time you read the Constitution of the United States”? He was honest and said that he had never read the thing. So I said to him; how is it that you are so upset about something you have no knowledge of but you are basing your emotions on what you have heard the majority within your hearing? He stood there for a moment and said to me; “you know you are very smart”. “That’s right; before I speak on an issue I should research what I’ve heard before speaking on a matter”. This is how we Born-again CHRISTians should be as well; we should research what does GOD have to say about a matter. When we have a negative thought; what does GOD have to say about thinking? When we speak about something that is going on do we join the majority or do we speak what the LORD GOD has given us to say according to HIS Word? When you suffer with a headache for a month and you go to a doctor to have it diagnosed; do you confirm and settle with your doctor that this is it? Or do you go away; with the knowledge that the doctor has armed you with; research what maybe the cause of a very real pain in your head and find scripture to pray against the migraine and stand firm on GOD’s Word? Migraines are real but the GOD that I serve is real also and according to HIS Word; HE is larger than a migraine and the migraine must bow down to the name of JESUS. GOD’s kids should ask for their daily dose of wisdom day by day to make informative decisions; to see things that others do not see; to speak unlike the world. Every situation is different so we can’t just have a canned answer; before we speak; we research what is before us and wait for an answer from the LORD GOD. There is much truth to be quick to listen and slow to speak. Never rush to give an answer; the enemy will push but the LORD is on time for everything.

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