AMFBeM NewsletterJune 1, 2020

Faith -Series III

Faith is seen

Matthew 9:2; Acts 14:8

None of us have ever considered that faith can be seen by others, I know that I have not. Yet, we find in the above-chosen verses that JESUS saw those that brought a paralytic to HIM which is active faith [faith has to move]. These men did not just stand by and speak of all that they either heard or saw for themselves. No. These men brought to JESUS either a family member or a neighbor who did not have the ability to command his own body to move. I sit here and recall how I wanted to ride a bicycle as a young girl but did not own my own as of yet. In my mind, my thoughts were that I could already ride a bike so whenever I saw one of my playmates’ bicycles not being used, I would hop on and ride crashing and falling. But at no time during that active faith in my ability did I give up even when my playmates became upset with me for crashing into trees, fences, and parked cars. I would again when I saw my opportunity snatch the resting bike and off I went crashing again until the day came that I had command of keeping the bike steady beneath me and no longer crashing and falling. I repeated my action of faith again when it came to roller and ice skating. This is how we must continually be often in our lives, we must never allow the fear of the unknown through personal experience hinder us from going forward with the knowledge we have obtained through our hearing of our ears or from what we have witnessed with our own eyes. There is absolutely nothing that we are not able to do with the exception of creating anything, because in order to create we must utilize all that we need which does not exist. And, since everything that we utilize is provided by GOD the best we can do is make. The order of active faith is this, “We can do all things through CHRIST JESUS who gives us strength” Phill. 4:13 and “do things as GOD provides us the ability to do, that in all things GOD will be glorified through CHRIST JESUS” 1 Ptr. 4:11.

Barnabus and Paul also witnessed faith in a man who from birth could not command his feet to operate. These men were preaching, communicating to those within ear-shot who CHRIST JESUS is and what HIS desire is for all mankind. There are some people who from birth do not have the ability to command their bodies to see, hear, or move. And, they are taught erroneously that this is GOD’s will. No! GOD’s will is not for any of us to become cripple or to lose our sight or hearing.  But if this happens in birth or as we grow older, it is my belief by faith, my trust in CHRIST JESUS that HE wants HIS/our FATHER to be glorified through us who have become disable or weak in our body. It is my complete knowledge of knowing that Jesus’ body was ripped apart and that every type of sin was placed onto HIS body so that the bodies of mankind would not have to suffer from known [named]  and unknown [not yet named], attacks of the body, 1 Ptr. 2:24. Is. 53:5 [AMP, CJB, GNT, MSG] JESUS was never placed onto HIS cross but rather HE laid down on HIS cross willingly, Jhn. 10: 11, 15:13, 1 Jhn. 3:16, and Gal. 2:20.

It is because of everything recorded in our basic instructions before leaving this earth that we must build up our faith in CHRIST JESUS. Become active rather than inactive. Stop talking and begin to apply what we find out in the scriptures and from the teaching of the Holy Spirit which never strays from the Good News of CHRIST JESUS. Let us allow our faith in CHRIST JESUS to be seen by the world so that they will become curious and be drawn to us asking the how and the what questions that we must be ready to answer for them.

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