If you are anything like me when I was told for the very first time that someone is saved. You may think that they escaped an accident or some type of misfortune.

I don’t think that today the body of CHRIST is able to explain well what it is to be saved. I think that we are missing the mark because we are not getting the message into the ears of the lost as we ought.

I have some key scriptures that we all should use to explain what it is to be saved.  We need to stop commercializing salvation; I’m guilty also and give the lost the word straight and full. We must stop adding honey or sugar to this medication and just administer it full strength.  

Mt. 1:21, 23; 18:11; 19:17-25

In Matthew 19; JESUS touched a sensitive spot with the wealthy ruler; his money. JESUS knew that the ruler worshipped his wealth; it was his god. My question to you is what is it that will hold you back from being saved? Are you willing to place everything you are; everything you have with GOD and allow HIM to work it out for you? Or do you plan to keep kidding yourself; telling yourself that there is something’s that you will need to take care of before coming to GOD?

Mk. 16:15-18

The saints and the aints get this scripture wrong. The key word here is “believe”. The saints believe enough to get saved but they forget the power that comes with salvation. The aints may get baptized; but when they go down in the water they are just as dirty as they were when they come back up.

Lk. 9:56; 19:10

Jn. 3:1-7; 10:9; 12:44-50

Acts 2:21; 4:12; 16:30-31

Ro. 5:6, 8-10; 10:8-11, 13

1 Co. 1:18, 21; 15:1-8

Ep. 2:1-10

1 Tim. 1:13-15; 2:1-6

2 Tim. 1:9-10

Tit. 3:1-7

Heb. 7:20-28

To my wonderful Catholic brothers and sisters; Hebrews 7 provides great clarity regarding Priest.

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