Say what U mean, Mean what U say

During the 1960’s I watched a television program called Dragnet the catch line from the show was Sgt. Friday saying “Just the facts”.

We live in a society when we set the stage for telling the person we are speaking with too much detail and not enough information because we feel we are not being listened to. 

Better communication is getting to the point without leaving important information out. Making our point; without muddying our words with lots of explanations; apologies or excuses. Don’t complain, don’t explain, say what needs to be said and get on with building the relationship.  

1)  Say who you are and what it is that you need

2)  Be willing to ask

3)  Let your yes be yes and your no mean no

4)  Be honest about what you will and won’t do

5)  Be specific and clear 

Being clear means getting to the point quickly, cut down on confusion and misunderstanding. No one is a mind reader and it’s your error to assume that people will know what it is that you want. Self-define, describe and outline your goals and values. True and honest community building comes from being able to self define and manage anxiety. What is it that you have to offer?

Ask for what you want and need from GOD and others. (Matthew 7:7-8; John 16:24) 

1)  Most people have blinders on because they never know anything other than their family, state, city, town, country or community. They don’t know what’s available. They’re not aware that they have options to effectively ask for what they need. Often times good instruction was not provided, did not have role models of how to effectively ask for what was needed.

2)  Limiting and inaccurate beliefs. JESUS began HIS conversation with someone asking “What do you want?

Toxic little morsels we ingested when we were children that represented worldviews, opinions, rules, and guilt we believe and obey. Toxins keep us from entering into a bold, free, and expectant relationship with GOD. The GOD who was JESUS on earth who asked on a regular basis, “What do you want”? Toxic misinformation was about the nature and character of GOD. Thinking GOD keeps things from us to develop our character and make us better people. It might be time for a more intimate, give and take relationship with GOD. Thinking that we have to do is and believe hard enough and everything we ask for will come true is a great misunderstanding of GOD. GOD would rather have a relationship with HIS children than to just give us stuff.

3)  Inaccurate beliefs are the barrier of fear. It often causes fear. We don’t have because we don’t ask because we are afraid. We’re afraid because we don’t want to be rejected because we think that GOD does not take us seriously. You think that we are not important to GOD. (John 3:16) We fear that we will be humiliated or look stupid if the person says no. We fear punishment. We may even have a deep fear that if someone complies with our request we’ll be indebted to them.

4)  Low self-esteem “I’m not worth it”. Costly mistakes can be made when we try to force others to read our minds because we don’t voice our preferences.

5)  Pride, culture may have taken independence to an extreme. Interpreting our asking for what we need and desire as a character flaw. Asking anything of GOD or others indicates that you understand your relationship. Be bold, ask then step out. Clarity is asking for what you want that will enhance our relationship.

How we ask has a great deal to do with what you receive. Ask for what you want from GOD but prior to your asking, ask yourself this question. Is what I’m asking for in line with what’s in GODs Word? Does my desire match up with GODs? 

(Matthew 5:37)

1)  Be clear on who we are.

2)  Take this reason to heart and live it with gusto, GODs hopes and dreams will be lived through us on a regular basis.

Divine Assignment enables us to filter and prioritize the entire request for our resources. 

Yes and No, stop getting those two words confused. Stop being anxious about the use of yes and no. They are beautiful words. Let your yes be yes and your no mean no, a clear indication that you are in touch with yourself and with your CREATOR. Clarifier keeps relationships more open, honest, and GOD-centered. Saying yes or no does not need help from other words, they are very clear.

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