This applies to me. I don’t need this. Oh this is for him or her. There are some who will attend worship service on Saturday or Sunday not for themselves but to find out who they know that should have been there to hear the message. And this is a problem also, many hearers and not enough listeners who will apply the Word to self.

Does this come across as familiarity? This is how so many people approach reading the Word of GOD or coming to JESUS. But this is not acceptable to the FATHER. We have to give every part of ourselves to JESUS. Meaning we must allow JESUS into those areas of our heart that we don’t want HIM in. You know what I mean, those areas that we may consider none of HIS business, or something that we love more than we love JESUS that we don’t want to let go.

King David made a few mistakes in his life but what JESUS admired about him is that he would search HIM out with his entire heart. Even when he messed up big time. Our cop out is that GOD knows my heart, well, yes HE does. The problem is, we don’t and this is why we need to search for the FATHER in HIS Word through CHRIST JESUS.

When we stay in communication with the FATHER we will not find ourselves wandering in places we have no place in and doing things that are displeasing to the FATHER.

Searching with our heart and soul entirely causes us to rejoice. Why? Because JESUS is easily found and HE gives us a refreshing rest.

Psalms 119:10 & 2 Chron. 15:15

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