I often wrote about my testimony of being delivered from a spirit that I never knew I had. This spirit would not show up on a daily basis but in times when I felt cornered, pressured, and my stress level has reached its boiling point. The first time he showed up I was in my young twenties and the last time I was in my young forties. Both times the damage that was done was uncharacteristic of me. And not only that, I have no remembrance of them, only what was told to me by a person and lastly by the Holy Spirit.

By now you are wondering what this spirit could have been, it was anger. My character during my first forty years of life was to be too abused in various forms. Sometimes I would lash out from emotion but that was very rare and when I did no one took me seriously.

When you hold pain in you think that you are in control but that pain will give birth to something unhealthy and that thing will manifest itself into some form that you don’t want to have. For example, I had a spirit of depression, suicide tendencies, oppression, and anger. All of which is recognizable but not dealt with properly by family because they are too busy with their own agendas. Or it’s overly dealt with but inappropriately by giving medication, yes, give us medication that’s the answer to everything. But the majority of what we see but the church is asleep are spirits having a hay-day with people.

Anyway, when I found myself in a place of no escape. The LORD GOD was able to get through to me again, thank YOU JESUS! Then I began to read testimonial books of others. Then all of a sudden I heard the Holy Spirit tell me to get up and go into my room and shut the door. Kneel before the LORD your GOD. I did. Then I began to unload, I began to ask for forgiveness for those who hurt me and tell my FATHER that I forgive them too. And literally, all of a sudden I began to feel chains and weights being lifted off my neck and shoulders that draped down my back and hips. I felt the presence of angels taking them away. I began to cry harder than I think I ever did in life or maybe as hard as I did when a newborn.

When I was literally lifted up and sat down on the bed, I remember saying, “Uh-uh, nothing negative is taken without something being put in its place”. I was asked, “What is it that you want”? My response, “the fruit of the Spirit”.

I was led to the Word of GOD and I quickly turned to Galatians 5:20 and I began to devour the characteristics of what one looks like when the Holy Spirit lives within them. Now I was baptized in the Holy Spirit when I was twenty-six years of age, it was evident but because I did not know who I was in CHRIST JESUS, who JESUS is fully I was robbing myself of a wonderful life in JESUS.

The only way for anyone to know who JESUS is and to know who you are in JESUS is that we have to eat and drink HIS Word daily. I don’t mean those little snippets that most of us do and think we are getting it done. I mean some hardcore study of the Word, meditating on the Word, speaking to the FATHER and waiting to hear HIS voice.

For those of you who are watching self-help programs to fix yourself, your relationship or your kids, the Bible will teach you properly about self-control. The Bible will cause you to stop reading those silly self-help books and magazines when the only person who maybe truly helped is the author and publisher financially. If you have an addiction, finding out the truth without being told that you are doomed for the remainder of your life and that you will be forever labeled “recovering” will set you free by the grace and mercy which is truly self-control in CHRIST JESUS. If you still have a desire, think about, want to do, a hunger for or a thirst for anything but don’t do it, good you are showing limited self-control and this is why the world labels us recovering because the world will say it’s possible that you will fall or that you are doomed to fall into that thing again. But the Word of GOD will deliver you, set you free forever and you will not be labeled recovering because the desire, the taste, the want, the thought, the hunger or anything else possible for you to fall into that thing will no longer be there for you. This is self-control in the Holy Spirit of CHRIST JESUS.

Galatians 5:23



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