She was then but not now



Though I will be using Mary as a backdrop; I will also take this much further to reveal who we are as well. 

Many loving people refer to Mary as the virgin Mary; when in reality she was a virgin when she birthed forth her first born son; JESUS. After that; she was no longer a virgin. Oh, I know that I just shook the world of some of my readers; however, you will have to consider this and if you continue to disagree that will be your right.  

Let’s consider these facts; the Word of GOD reads in Luke 7:2,

that she gave birth to her firstborn son; meaning that she had to have given birth to at least, one other son.

  • Matthew 12:46-48 and Mark 3:31-33 confirms that Joseph and Mary together in the bonds of matrimony had children together. Meaning sex was involved.
  • Mark 6:3 confirms that one of Mary’s sons was named James and that he was a disciple of JESUS.  

So you see she was a virgin once but she did not remain a virgin.

We were once before we came to the LORD JESUS evil and wicked because of sin. We were once victims; defeated; overthrown; blind; lost and so on.

Once we come to the LORD JESUS we must;

  • Get into HIS Word every single day; multiple times a day to renew our minds so we can find out who we are;
  • What JESUS has done;
  • Who JESUS is;
  • Who the FATHER is;
  • Who the Holy Spirit is;
  • How we are to speak to situations;
  • How we are to pray;
  • How we are to walk in the Word;
  • And how we are to live out our life of freedom in CHRIST JESUS.

If we don’t do these things we will never know the how, what, who and why between you and JESUS. It’s really that simple. 

We have far too many beloved brothers and sisters who have JESUS living on the inside of them and living defeated lives all because they are not spending quality time in the Word of GOD. Then there are some who will read only a few scriptures and think that it’s enough. 

If anything we are doing in life is taking up more time than our spending time with the FATHER and JESUS then we need to give that thing or person up because that thing or person has become our god. Shocker huh? We all have to attend school, need to be employed, follow through on our family duties and personal responsibilities. But what about that television time, those hobbies, spending time with your pals, shopping, telephone, computer time and the list goes on?  

It’s time that you become a “was” right now. It’s time that you get saved in JESUS name right now. It’s time that you get delivered right now in JESUS name. It’s time that you get healed right now in JESUS name. It’s time for you to rise up and proclaim that you were once an I was but now I am “Free” in JESUS name. And mean it because you know from HIS Word by the application what it truly means to be free.

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