This is a wee bit difficult for me to write because of the magnification I myself am getting from this. I concentrate so much on the fact that I am healed by the stripe of JESUS CHRIST that the text that I will be sharing with you has revealed something profound in my spirit.

I enjoy watching TV but I hate commercials, especially those that speak about illnesses and immorality. So most of my programs are recorded on the DVR or I mute the commercials if I choose to watch live TV when the commercials are on. Commercial ads are subliminal, they cause us to become hungry when we are not, sexually aroused, and subconsciously take on the symptoms that were planted in our psyches until we begin to confess with our mouth that now we have that thing, whatever it maybe.

But in the text of Matthew 25:34-40; JESUS is speaking and calling for HIS sheep. HIS sheep are HIS brothers, who are us, who believe in HIS name. I really would like to write about the entire text, but that is not my assignment, so I urge you, the reader to really open your eyes and see what JESUS is showing you in this text.

CHRISTians do get sick! But though the attack is real in the flesh the Word does not fail and is a conqueror. JESUS said that we are healed and by golly we must continue to say this if we can speak. If we can’t speak allow it to float around in our minds.

I don’t know why CHRISTians get sick, but we can’t accept and own the sickness. We must own our healing. We must speak healing over ourselves constantly. If we must, post healing scriptures around our environment so we can see them daily. And don’t allow people to visit you who are not encouragers, they must speak life to you.

When a CHRISTian has been diagnosed with an illness in the flesh, this is not the time to accept that as a final say. We hear what the doctor has told us and we go into battle with prayer. We call up those who know how to speak to that thing that the enemy has left at your address and we send it back to the pit of hell where it belongs.

Every CHRISTian that we know who is ill in their flesh, we should visit.  But be armed with the Word of GOD so that we will encourage our brothers and sister in the faith. We are to bring them comfort.

Some CHRISTians may lose a body part here on earth. We must know with wisdom from the Holy Spirit how to speak to our brother and sister.

This flesh is simply made from clay, clay is dirt from the ground. Dirt crumbles, it’s not everlasting but our inner man is eternal. We are to do all we possibly can to maintain a healthy outer temporal body of flesh. But always understand that your inner man, the spirit is eternal and that is the one that we must concentrate the more on. That is the one we must feed with the Word of GOD that is the one that we must allow to lead our soul and flesh.

Brothers and sisters of the faith, when we go and visit the sick armed with the Word of GOD, speaking only encouraging words and bringing joy and laughter. We are fulfilling what JESUS said, by HIS saying; “when you did it to one of the least of these MY brothers, you did it to ME”.


Matthew 25:36


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