This blog is all about the place that JESUS is preparing for us. But I thought that it would be nice if we considered just where that place is located. Sure we know that the location is in heaven but did we know that the mansions that we have read about were actually inside of the house of GOD? That’s right, and because of this maybe we need to delve deeper into considering just what HIS house is. First, we all should know that a house is one building that one person or people reside within. But did we realize that the word temple is used most often when referring to GOD’s house? Yep and a temple is a place where a divine presence specifically lives especially the body of CHRIST.

In scripture, the house of GOD is often referred to as a temple. Most of us have never given that any thought and because of this most of us have missed the powerful impact of the message behind John 14:2. All I want to do is wet our appetite to dig further into knowing more about the house/temple and how we are affected. We should already be aware that JESUS CHRIST is the most awesome for lack of a better word architect. After all, HE is the Creator of creation.

How vast must HIS / our FATHER’s house/temple be that JESUS is there preparing places for us to live? Some translations of the bible wrote mansions but I prefer the original text “many places to live” or the amplified version “dwelling places”. JESUS sees clearly the type of home we desire to live in within our heart. HE knows just how to decorate our home for us.

When we read the scriptures and see LORD we must know that we are reading about our Creator, our FATHER, and our GOD. HE has a house which we have been reading about called a temple which is holy. And in HIS house/temple, HIS throne is in heaven.

How many of us realized that before John gave us the revelation of GOD’s house/temple in Revelation that we were already given it twice? Isaiah told us that he saw JESUS sitting on HIS throne and that HE was high and lifted up not only that but the train of HIS robe filled HIS house/temple. That’s authority and power!


The second recording we have is from Ezekiel who took a look around the house/temple of GOD. Ezekiel was brought into the inner court which means that he was brought into the center, the deepest part of the court. Then GOD’s glory comes up from the cherub. Dispel the idea that cherubs are babies with wings flying around naked. They are far from this lie. They can be composed of various creatures and they are very strong. They (two or more) were placed to stand east of the Garden of Eden with a flaming sword that turned every which way to guard the tree of life. Ezekiel also had a vision of the cherubim having four faces or heads, hands of man and wings, their faces were like a man and animals yet they had the likeness of man. Babies never were described. JESUS is represented as riding on the wings of the cherub and flying on the wings of the wind. Cherubim are spirits. GOD’s glory rested over the entryway/threshold of HIS house/temple.

Now if anyone is truly interested in knowing the description of GOD’s house/temple read Ezekiel chapters 40-42.

When the Holy Spirit lifted Ezekiel up and brought him into the inner court he saw GOD’s glory and how the house/temple was filled. Then he actually heard the voice of the FATHER speak to him. JESUS spoke to him and showed him HIS throne and where HIS feet rest and where HE lives forever. JESUS said that “HIS name is holy”.

Just as Jonah knew to look toward JESUS so should we.

Now hopefully all that comes next will pull it all together for us and makes sense.

Lower cascade of waterfalls Skradinski Buk on a sunny day. Krka National Park, Croatia.

Ever wonder why the devil would take JESUS up to look down and tell HIM that HE would give HIM all that HE see? Well, first of all, stupid was not sure that JESUS was actually the One whom he used to praise and worship as Lucifer. And secondly, he actually has a right to give to whomever he desires to give whatever he desires to give. The thing is this, for us, this was critical for us because in JESUS humanity HE was in a weakened state from exhaustion, hunger, and thirst. It’s in one of these weakened states that the devil comes to us and that we must be ready to chase him away with the Word of GOD just as JESUS did. JESUS left all of HIS glory behind for us and I’m certain HE remembered that when looked at what the devil showed HIM. And though I’m certain what the devil showed HIM was lovely, it can’t compare to what JESUS has. And it can’t compare to what JESUS has given to us. All the glory, kingdoms and treasures are temporary and very costly. Not so much financially but spiritually.

JESUS is trying to get us to see that HE is the house/temple and HE can’t be destroyed, defeated or conquered. The enemy thought that by crucifying HIM that they were ending a problem of theirs. What they did became a tool that was a need for us. JESUS stepped out of HIS heavenly home, HIS house/temple and put on a temporary temple/house flesh to show us that we must die to worldly desires and put on righteousness in CHRIST.

Just as JESUS is the temple so are we in the temple of GOD in CHRIST because the Spirit of the living GOD lives on the inside of us.



My brothers and sisters in CHRIST JESUS, we are the ones who are the household of GOD. We are the whole building, we are daily being grafted into HIS workmanship rightly fitted together as we grow in HIS holy temple.

We should become excited in this reading because as our appetite is becoming wet and we will want to study to find out more. We will understand that we will be around the throne of GOD joyfully serving HIM in HIS house and JESUS who is sitting on HIS throne will be living in the middle of us.

In the house of GOD will be the Ark of the Covenant.

L@@k the LORD GOD Almighty, the LAMB are the temple!

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