How many of you are in-tuned with your children, spouse or best friend as Jonathan king Saul’s son was with David? Truth is every mother and father should be able to feel their child even if they don’t see or hear the kid. A mother and father should know instinctively if or when the child is in danger. The same goes for the spousal relationship. Regarding a best friend, there are levels in which many of us will consider someone a bestie but for me when I was growing up my cousin with whom I grew up with was and still is my best friend. Often if I had a pain in my body it was because she was the one who was not doing very well. Or if she was not in the best of spirits neither was I. We were as the bible states “knitted by the soul”. And though we are still best friends our lives have gone in different directions, I began my family before she did, so of course my family had grown up before hers and we somewhat grew apart because I was chasing after JESUS and she had other endeavors which were positive but they involved new people and new experiences. So we are no longer knitted by the soul any longer but we are still family and we are still besties.

The bible explains that our soul is our will, our mind and our emotions. Each one of us have a free will to choose whatever and whenever. We all have a mind to think thoughts with and those thoughts in the mind are ruled by our heart. Our emotion is unreliable, one minute we can be happy and the next angry or sad. The emotion is ruled by sight and other senses. So now if we are one who knows how to love our very own soul, we don’t abuse ourselves with alcohol, drugs, sexual immorality, tobacco or any other indulgence that will cause harm to us. Then we will know how to love another as we love ourselves.

Now I’ve shared what it’s like to be tied up with a human, now know that the greatest possible person to be entangled with is JESUS. We must be shackled up within HIM ever so tightly. Now you maybe wondering why on earth would anyone want to be bound up in JESUS when JESUS is about causing us to be free? Well it’s simple, it’s when we are bound up in HIM that we are free. The tighter the grip JESUS has on us the more we find our soul being restored within HIM. The more we will yearn for righteousness. The more we will want to please HIM and no one else, not even ourselves.

Our life is in CHRIST JESUS only because we chose to die to HIM daily. Our FATHER is our peace and gives us HIS Shalom peace, JESUS sanctifies us completely in HIS Word to cause our spirit, soul and body to be whole.

When we chose to accept and believe in JESUS our spirit was born again and our soul was saved from hell and the lake of fire. So tie yourself up in JESUS as Jonathan and David did with one another. And know their relationship had nothing to do with homosexuality as the perverted evil minds want so many to believe.

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