Once we come to JESUS the CHRIST, we must purpose within our heart to travel in one direction. Towards HIM. We are to have a clear and fixed purpose of faith in JESUS alone.

In our lifetime of reading the Word of GOD, we may not understand all of what we read. However, with unwavering faith we must be firmly established in knowing that JESUS does not change. HE was the same yesterday, is the same today and will be the same forevermore.

We must desire that JESUS enlarge the territory of our heart with HIS presence and Word. We do this through being in a relationship with HIM. It does not make sense to say that we know JESUS and yet spend no time with HIM. Whenever we are interested in getting to know anyone, we make time to speak with them and spend time with them face to face.

When we don’t take the time to build a relationship with others, we speculate about who and what they are. We may have an idea based on what others have said or for the short moment of time we were near them audible or visually. But this does not build, form or make a meaningful relationship.

When we read and study the Word during our quiet time, we are finding out through the experience of others who JESUS is and what HE did and said. But when we apply what we read then and only then will we get to know firsthand for ourselves. Also, we should speak to JESUS, HE is interested in our daily lives. From what may seem small and insignificant to us, thinking HE’s not interested to those things that stress us out. Share with HIM what caused you to smile and laugh, cry, feel sad, caused you to be angry and so forth.

We will share these with those in our lives that for the most part don’t really care, however JESUS does. JESUS is never busy with someone else or something else that HE is not available for us.

As our relationship is developed and we begin to trust JESUS more and more with everything in our lives. We will find ourselves living in an existence of plenty, knowing that our supplies come from JESUS through others.

A fulfilled relationship in CHRIST JESUS requires us to maintain a want to grow in the faith. We anchor ourselves to JESUS because of the blessed hope that we are learning as we read the Word, apply the Word and speak with JESUS. Also in all these we will find it incredibly easy to forgive and love those who are not easy to forgive or love.

Today, are you willing to anchor yourself so that nothing and no one will cause you to move from trusting JESUS completely?

Psalms 57:7, 1 Corinthians 15:58, Colossians 1:23, 1 Peter 5:9

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