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September 8, 2020

Power in the Holy Spirit-1 Thessalonians 1:5-6

Has anyone besides myself ever felt perplexed by the way the disciples took ownership and called the gospels theirs? During the time when I thought that the disciples were no longer speaking of the Good News of CHRIST JESUS, I found myself discounting what they were saying yet, believing in what had been said for our edification. This is why it is imperative that we study the WORD for ourselves, do not just read your Bible as if it is a good novel that you enjoy reading by your favorite authors. The Bible has breath and is active for our edification to stretch out our faith towards the FATHER, JESUS, and the Holy Spirit.

Here is what the Holy Spirit revealed to me years ago. Take the WORD seriously, these messages are love letters as well as warnings, and take them as well as make them personally. Here is an example of what I mean using myself in the title scripture.

My {Shawn’s} gospel did not come to you {the readers} in mere words only, but also in power, and in the Holy Spirit and in much assurance, as I {Shawn} or as you {the readers} know what kind of woman servant that I am with you {the readers} for your {the readers} sakes. You {the readers} are becoming followers of the LORD JESUS as well as myself {Shawn} after having received the Word through affliction, with joy in the Holy Spirit so that we {the readers and me} may become examples to all wherever we are who will believe.

Most believers continue to read the Word in the second and third person when the Word must become and be personal. See yourself in those pages and read with boldness and confidence so that you may experience the life-breath. 

My gift for writing these newsletters daily [Monday-Friday] is because of the power that I am operating in. None of these words typed for you to read come from me but from the Holy Ghost. I know that the LORD JESUS is working with me, HE is alongside me giving to me the power to proclaim HIS Word to you. And the signs that come through these articles are many. 

One of my favorite words in the vocabulary is the word “now”. Now means the immediate, instant, and present time, promptly, and pronto. 

When witnessing, to a non-believer while the person is actively listening we must convey the urgency for them to believe that now, today is there acceptable time of salvation. Make sure that they are aware that JESUS wants to step in and help them. Be sure not to place an obstruction/object before them that they will begin to see is difficult for them to be accepted by CHRIST. Many have not come to JESUS because of all the foolishness that they see and hear by those who profess to be Christians but their actions and words reveal that they do not possess CHRIST and because of this, they do not reveal their heavenly citizenship of emulating JESUS. This obstruction is a discredit to the ministry of JESUS the CHRIST. 

As a believer in CHRIST JESUS when we hear a person that we know or when the Holy Spirit directs us to go and speak with a stranger and they express to us that they are Christian. Ask them this question, “what is it that you say and do that look anything like JESUS”? 

It is time for the body of CHRIST to mature and move out to make more disciples of light snatching the disciples of darkness out of the clutches of satan and his demons. 

Non-believers can find fault in those who profess JESUS because they hear and see them doing the very same thing that they are doing, so why is it necessary for them to receive JESUS now when they can continue to do whatever it is that they are doing and continue to speak whatever it is that they are communicating. We know that they are hungry for GOD’s Word because we hear them trying to be philosophical when speaking about what they know but do not understand from their Bible reading. 

As a CHRISTian who possesses JESUS, we must give ourselves over to the Holy Spirit so that He may guide/lead us to be wherever He needs us to be and to speak whatever He needs us to speak. In GOD’s Holy Spirit [HIS power] we are able to endure every hardship that comes our way. But regardless of what we may stand in need of, know this, that we are pure, sincere, knowledgeable through the Holy Spirit’s wisdom, patient, kind, and loving. The power of the Holy Ghost is active and operating through us this is why we are capable of speaking the Word of Truth, this is why we have GOD’s power to defend off every attack because in our hands we hold our weapons of righteousness which have been provided to us. In our right hand is our sword [The Word] and in our left is our shield [faith] {other way round for those who are left handed}. Get dressed in your holy armor and never take it off, Eph. 6:10-18.

Those disciples who watched JESUS ascend, returning back to heaven to take HIS seat on HIS throne to the present-day disciples. Have been careful to keep watch of the signs which reveal the return of JESUS the CHRIST when HE will gather only those who belong to HIM. In the Bible are many warnings that have taken place, are taking place, and will take place. 

Our salvation is not frivolous but great. For those of us who have been paying attention pay closer attention to what has been taught in the Good News of JESUS. The FATHER has given to us an assurance; HIS declaration for our full freedom from doubt so that we may become bold, convinced, firm, and steady regarding JESUS, HIS SON. 

The FATHER spoke to the prophets of old in part with various revelations. Now, we have the finality of CHRIST JESUS who is the heir and lawful owner of everything. JESUS is the Creator of everything created in Genesis, the planets, space, time, and everything else that is too much to write. And, HE said that it was good. HE did not say that sin and its effects which came later are good but rather all that HE created is good. 

JESUS is the radiant glory of the FATHER. There is nothing missing in JESUS that does not reflect GOD’s Shekinah Glory because HE is the perfect engraving and representative of the FATHER’s essence. JESUS has all that HE created in HIS most powerful Word which is being upheld to be and to do what it was created to be and do. 

JESUS is the only One perfect without sin to be offered for us so that we may accept and receive HIS salvation. By HIS being offered for us anyone of us who accept by faith and believe by faith what JESUS did for themselves will be pure from all sin [disbelieving in JESUS] and sins [actions]. In JESUS only are we free from guilt and shame, to be given transparency and recognition. The reason that JESUS is seated is that HE is revealing HIS  completed work. HE is revealing HIS Divine Authority.  HE is Superior, HIS name is Most Excellent and Glorious so much so that HIS name alone is above everything named and unnamed. 

The FATHER never spoke that any angel or mankind is HIS begotten/fathered son [only a male can father]. However, we are not made by mistake or called bastards [child born out of wedlock] because we have been adopted by the FATHER on purpose and natural as well as spiritual adoption hold this law, that an adopted child has the very same rights/privileges legally as a child born naturally begotten/fathered in wedlock. So, whatever JESUS inherited the believers in CHRIST inherited, nothing missing and nothing lost. 

The FATHER spoke that JESUS is HIS SON and that HE will be a FATHER to HIM. Believers are the children of the FATHER by way of the CHRIST, the FATHER does not have grandchildren but JESUS is the Highest ranking SON of the FATHER.

Angels, mankind, and everything else that have breath is to praise the LORD GOD Most-High. The FATHER has said to JESUS, “YOUR throne GOD is eternal, YOUR ruling is fair, YOUR scepter is righteous and it symbolizes royal authority. YOU love righteousness. YOU hate wickedness/sin. The GOD of JESUS who also has called JESUS The CHRIST, GOD as well has anointed HIM above anyone else with the joy of gladness. GOD has also said this regarding JESUS: “YOU have created everything and everything that YOU have created will be destroyed with the exception of YOU. YOU will remain eternally and YOU will never change. And YOU will never come to an end”. GOD has never said to an angel or mankind; sit at MY right hand until I make your enemies your footstool. Angels are spirits who minister to us and sent to us to be a help to the believers only. They are not to be worshipped. 

Now, you have seen hopefully clearly why we must see sharper than ever before and why we must listen as never before. Because we have this knowledge and because we have been baptized in the Holy Spirit learning the truth of CHRIST JESUS we will not turn our backs from this faith. The message was given in part through the prophets, also, the angels were sent with the message of truth-speaking to those who were chosen, and what had been spoken has been proven to be true. 

Everyone has a free will choice to believe in JESUS and receive the power of the Holy Ghost or disbelieve and receive the rightful punishment which has been earned. 

No one who is a disbeliever will be able to escape their punishment all because they chose to ignore this great salvation. 

The LORD JESUS, HIMself spoke about this great salvation and to those who listened and believed, we have confirmed what was spoken and experienced to be true. And GOD continues to confirm the truth of HIS message by joining the message with signs and wonders revealing the acts of HIS power [the Holy Spirit] which have been given to the people who believe.


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