We are brought forward, produced by the efforts of our parents biologically. Bless them FATHER GOD for the life they made. However, the very best product is to be Born-Again by the regenerated and renewing by receiving our spiritual life. HALLELUJAH FATHER for the Salvation received by faith in YOUR SON, JESUS the CHRIST.

Each and every human must acknowledge that their Adamic DNA is sinful which makes us sinners. We all need a DNA transfusion in CHRIST JESUS to make us righteous in GOD through JESUS. This is why you have heard and possibly not understood that we must be Born-Again in HIM. We are first born by the efforts of our parent’s love, lust or rape. It really does not matter how we were born. What does matter is that when we hear the Truth we must receive the free gift given to us which cost the FATHER greatly and that is HIS SON died so we do not need to die. Yes, an earthly death which is one of the curses we will succumb to but the earthly death is nothing compared to the second death. The second death is when those who have not received the gift of salvation from CHRIST JESUS will spend eternity in hell where death is. There is no longer hope for those to be saved, it’s a done deal, it’s over for them.

The second we choose to receive the gift of salvation from CHRIST JESUS our hearts become purified and our spirit becomes alive within us because before our spirit was dead. We lived by our soul which is our thoughts, our will, and our emotions. Which directed our flesh. Being Born-Again we will learn to obey the Word of GOD with the help of the Holy Spirit and we will have the ability to love all people but especially our brothers and sisters who are also blood washed in CHRIST JESUS. Being Born-Again has nothing to do with sexual intercourse between man and woman where a sperm the seed of man is deposited into the woman’s egg. Every human is decaying every day which is one of the awful gifts that was given to us by the enemy in exchange for what we had in the Garden of Eden. But, now, all those who have been Born-Again is born from the Seed which cannot decay through the Living Word of GOD that will last forever, eternally. We are no different in the decaying process when we see all plant life lose their leaves, petals and when we see fresh greenery turn brown. In like manner but we never realize this that daily our cells are decaying and are blowing away. But, when we live in the Word, the Good News of the Living GOD we will never decay because our new bodies will be perfect because our GOD is perfect.

JESUS was born of a woman through the Holy Spirit. HIS earthly father whom HE loved, obeyed and respected had nothing what-so-ever to do with HIS being born. We should never count Joseph the husband of Mary out. And we will meet him in heaven where we can speak with him about the pregnancy of his wife and how he obeyed the FATHER regarding JESUS. JESUS was born to be given to every human on the earth. JESUS is the Son of man who is given to us. The dominion of the world has been placed on HIS shoulders to bear, not ours. So, stop fretting about those things we can do nothing about except pray to the FATHER in the name of JESUS about what disturbs us. The very name of JESUS helps us to understand who HE is and how to call upon HIM in our time of need. HIS name is Wonderful, the presentation to the sight or mind, unusual, strange, great, extraordinary, or not well understood; something that arrests our attention, grandeur or inexplicableness. The expression of astonishment and amazement. Counselor, HE gives us advice about our conduct and our future. Mighty GOD, wise, important, momentous, great, wonderful, eminent, forcible, efficacious, strong, vast, loud, thunderous, rushing wind, powerful, bold, vigorous, divine Creator, the Word, GODhead, the Just One, hope, righteous, holy, habitation, eternal life, ABBA-FATHER. This is not all of who HE is, I just don’t have the earthly lifespan to write down all of who HE is as our Mighty GOD. Everlasting FATHER, Eternal One who has begotten us, ancestor, progenitor. Prince of Peace, the promised Savior, MESSIAH, and free-willing-offering.

GOD so loved the world that HE gave HIS only unique SON so that everyone who believes by faith; trust in; clings to; relies on HIM will have eternal life, instead of being utterly destroyed and eternally lost by the destroyer who is destruction. Choose eternal life in CHRIST JESUS so you can live eternally with HIM.

Ah, how Wonderful is the name of JESUS!

It’s by GOD’s Grace that humans are delivered we cannot do anything other than go to HIM and trust in HIM. Give yourself to CHRIST JESUS. HIS Grace is for everyone, there is nothing that we can think, say or do that will keep us from HIS Grace of deliverance. The worst we are in our sins the greater the love we will have for HIM and the deeper our praise toward HIM. Grace has come to teach us daily how to renounce, change our mind which is repentance from ungodliness, the pleasures that we find in the world that was great so we thought until it takes total control of us and we see no way of escape. But JESUS has come and has provided a way of escape. We can live self-controlled lives in HIM, we can live godly and righteous lives in CHRIST JESUS. We don’t have to continue to say and believe in the lie that we must wait for the sweet bye and bye. We can have pleasure now on the earth through CHRIST JESUS. Continue to expect the blessed hope of our fulfillment which is the Holy Spirit of our Mighty GOD and the appearance of our deliverer and Savior JESUS the MESSIAH. HE is the One who gave HIMself up for us to free us all from the violation of the Law. This is so we will become purified just for HIM, we will be HIS people and eager to do good/well in HIM.

People desire peace but peace is CHRIST JESUS and without HIM peace will be temporary because of our efforts but in HIM peace is within and everlasting. JESUS has broken down the curtain, the veil, the wall that once separated us from the FATHER so that we can actually go directly to HIM through CHRIST JESUS. We don’t need to go to a priest and confess anything, he does not have the authority to forgive sins or the ability to absolve anyone of anything. He himself needs the Savior to be forgiven and know that he is loved greatly by the FATHER and SON. The FATHER and SON will speak directly to us and we can speak directly to HIM. We don’t require an appointment and HE can hear us individually as though we are the only person speaking with HIM when in actuality many of HIS kids are speaking with HIM. In the body of JESUS, HE destroyed that quality of our onetime being HIS enemy, the unfriendliness, the ill will, the rooted hatred, the disposition, the malevolence and the opposition which was caused by the Law with its commands set forward by ordinances. JESUS abolished those decrees and ordinances and from these two HE created in HIMself one new quality of manhood and in doing this HE made peace. To do this HE was nailed to the cross like a common criminal and took into HIS sinless body the curse and killed all things which kept us away from the FATHER. In the eyes of the FATHER, there are only two types of people and they are Jews and Gentiles once we come to the FATHER through CHRIST JESUS the Gentile becomes a Jew through HIS SON JESUS.

To those who have not taken the free gift of salvation from JESUS which cost the FATHER dearly. At this reading, you are born of natural effort. That’s great that you have not been murdered through abortion. Now, be Born-Again by the Seed who is JESUS the CHRIST.



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