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What is it about the word submit that cause an attitude adjustment in the hearts of people? Is it because the definition of the word is not very clear or is it that no one really desires to adhere to the definition of the word? Let’s find out.

Submit – to give over or yield to the power or authority of another, to subject to some kind of treatment or influence, to present for the approval of others.

Well I can see how this may be offensive when taken out of context and abused. And this is exactly what sin has done and why we find the word distasteful. Yet, we adhere to the definition often without realizing it when it comes to doing what we want to do. For example, we submit to addictions, (all types) this is idol worship, when JESUS is not first place over the addiction. When we submit to controlling those that we claim we love, but how can we love those that we want to control as if they are animals or machinery?

We may submit too many people and things in our lives and yet will say, I love the lord. Yes, I used lower case because I’m trying to make a point. However, how much quality time do we spend speaking with our FATHER? This builds relationship. How much time do we spend listening to HIM for guidance and HIS soothing voice? How much time do we spend reading what happened after the crucifixion in the gospels through the book of Jude? Once we find out who we are, what we have, how we are to live and begin to apply this to our lives then we will read the book of Revelation without caution. Because I’m amazed at how many Christians are afraid of this wonderful book. Too many of us are mixing law with grace and mercy; and it’s impossible to live by both.

When there is no relationship with JESUS HE is at best our Savior but HE’s not our LORD, HE’s our lord. JESUS will only be our LORD when we allow HIM into every area of our lives.

So if we truly want everything that has been offered to us according to the Word of GOD. Then we must submit to GOD fully according to scripture and the definition that you have read above. When we realize fully the unmeasurable LOVE that we have our Love will want to submit to our True Living GOD.

James 4:7

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