Many of us don’t require an explanation on what it means to suffer because we know what it means all too well. Many of us have endured emotionally, mentally and physically, some of the readers may still be suffering now.

However, I want to paint a picture of our MESSIAH who had to suffer for us. Here is a man who never once had one bad or evil thought of any kind. Here is a man who never once lusted for anyone. Here is a man who never once wanted what belonged to another. Here is a man who never murdered or killed anyone. Here is a man who never took anything from anyone. Here is a man who never once lied. Here is a man who was not a drunk, did not use profanity and did not break any of the laws.

This man thought the thoughts that HIS FATHER gave HIM to think. This man had a desire to do the will of HIS FATHER. This man had a need for nothing on earth because HE is the creator of everything in the earth. This man never lusted for HIS creation (mankind) because HE wanted to reconcile them back to HIS FATHER. This man gave life, (dead raised and sins forgiven); especially the world that was done at Calvary. This man supplies grace and mercy. This man only speaks blessings and truth.

And yet, for all the good the MESSIAH JESUS has done for us HE suffered for us so that we would not have to suffer in sin. Unfortunately because of the blindness of our eyes and the deafness of our ears we are missing the Good News of JESUS CHRIST.

The devil wants to keep mankind blind and deaf, it’s his mission to destroy, kill and steal. Thing is we must understand that this does not pertain to things, this pertains to our soul and spirit. The desire to have company in hell with him is his goal because he knows that hell is his final destination. Hell was not a created place for mankind but for satan (never capitalize his name, he ain’t worth being capitalized) and his company of stupid angels that followed him when JESUS kicked him out of heaven.

But all that suffering that JESUS endured for us was worth it and I praise HIM for HIS endurance. Because think about if you read in the Bible the full account and get a revelation from the Holy Spirit of the punishment that JESUS went thru for us, then an understanding maybe comprehended. To know that in actuality HIS back was one large hole. Because it’s impossible to be beaten with a whip made of leather and iron balls and hit unmercifully as your flesh is flung from your bones. Yes, you can count how many times the soldier lash but it’s impossible to count the lashes. Even when African slaves were whipped their lashes could not be counted because their flesh would be broken open.

But my JESUS is now exalted. My JESUS endured HIS suffering for this sinful world so that we would not have to suffer. My JESUS is now seated on the right hand of my FATHER. JESUS is Prince, Ruler and Savior anyone who is willing to believe that HE suffered for them so that he or she does not have to suffer as the devil desires them to suffer.

It is so very easy and can be done right where you are. All you need to do is believe in your heart first and foremost that JESUS is the SON of the Living GOD. Then confess out of your mouth that you need JESUS as your Savior because you are a sinner and want to be forgiven. Lastly, believe and never look back. You are forgiven of each and every single sin, past, present and future. Now live in JESUS CHRIST and sin no more.

Luke 24:46; Jer. 31:34, Acts 5:31, 10:43

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