Now That The Celebration Is Over

Part 1

Now that the celebration is over, now what? In countries that are Christian dominate the recognition that JESUS was birthed in a manger is celebrated with great fanfare. As well as the Holy Week from Palm Sunday through Resurrection Sunday we remember the gallant celebration that was given to JESUS and then we recall that JESUS died and rose from the dead with great power.

But what then after all the hype has diminished? Do the true believers keep the celebration of JESUS alive among the non-believers or is this all just religiosity?

As true believers in CHRIST JESUS are we living our lives celebrating each day of our lives in the birth, triumphant entry, death, and resurrection of JESUS? Or are we included with the carnal Christians who only celebrate JESUS when everyone else takes notice of the CHRISTmas, Palm, and Resurrection Days of celebration?

We have been set apart from the world but are we living as such? Are we taking notice of ourselves, and diligently keeping ourselves, so that we are not forgetting the things our eyes have seen, and allowing them to depart from our hearts? Are we keeping remembrance of the birth, the triumphant entry, the death, and the resurrection so that we share them with our children and grandchildren all the days of our lives, Deut 4:9?

When we do not regard care for the things of GOD we will forget much like the carnal Christian does. We must keep the Covenant of our LORD GOD forever in the remembrance of our heart because this is a covenant that HE made with you personally, Deut 4:23. And when this happens we will return to those dead idols that are held so dear. What idols you may ask? Whatever and whoever you have positioned above The Almighty GOD, we may say that HE is first in our lives but after taking inventory of self, is HE really?

Once the celebration of the birth of JESUS has diminished, the Palms are collected from our house of worship, and the recognition of JESUS’ death and resurrection are spoken throughout for one week, then what? HE is no longer spoken of until the next holiday which will be the celebration of HIS birth. You see our problem is that we want to keep JESUS in that manger or on that cross. But JESUS grew up and became a Man, who taught, healed, and worked miracles, then HE willingly died for you as well as willingly got up and walked out of that tomb just for you. JESUS is to be celebrated not twice a year but daily from sunrise to sunset. I thank you, my FATHER because YOU LORD GOD are a merciful GOD and HE will not forsake us or destroy us, HE does not forget the covenant of our fathers which HE swore to them, Deut 4:31.

Beware that you do not forget the LORD our GOD by not keeping HIS commandments, HIS judgments/righteousness, and HIS permanent law or rule which HE commands us today, Deut 8:11. Be bold and celebrate JESUS three hundred sixty-five days in every year that HE has blessed you to rise for the day. Oh, let us not get it twisted because it was not our alarm clocks that woke us up, it is the voice of GOD that whispers to us to rise for the day so that we may live for HIM to give to HIM the glory that HE is so deserving of. Not just twice a year which is Resurrection and Christmas Day.

Remember, GOD cannot lie and we must observe the messages that have been given to us. If we by any means forget the LORD our GOD, and *follow other gods, and serve them and worship them, we will surely perish, Deut 8:19.

*How will we know if we are following other gods, serving them, and worshipping them?

  • What or who is the first on your mind when you awaken?
  • What or who do you place before GOD when you know that you should be giving HIM your time?
  • How often do you say that you will do for GOD later or go where you need to go for GOD later because you want to do something more important to you or go somewhere that takes priority over your going to the place of worship of HIM?

Look for the continuation of this article in the next blog.


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