Imagine actually speaking with the FATHER with seriousness because you are aware that HE hears us and HE is a provider. Imagine having a heart that is actually not arrogant, prideful, self-awareness or over importance. But a heart filled with respect, modesty, dignity and dependence on the FATHER.

I believe that when we come to this realization we will stop finding prayer to be the gimme-gimme; but FATHER, I realize that YOU know that I’m lacking for this or that and that YOU promised that all of my needs are met. Then we can be specific for the thing that we are truly in need and not in want of. However if there is a want then say it’s a want, we are the ones who must learn the difference.

As well, we will stop asking the FATHER to heal ourselves or another but we will let the FATHER know that we trust in the living Word and HIS promise that we are already healed according to the fact that JESUS bore each and every sickness and disease in the wound of HIS back. That large gaping hole on HIS darling back that the flesh was whipped for the world of which we are apart of. But some are thinking or say, a diagnoses was given, a pain is felt, and a fever is going on in the body. In other words a lie has or is trying to attach itself to myself or to someone (provide name). If you or someone we know is washed in the blood of JESUS and JESUS lives in you and you live in JESUS then we should not have lies attaching themselves to us.

A couple of years ago I was diagnosed with diabetes a natural family curse. However, I know that my DNA has been changed, my blood has been changed and that curse cannot attach itself to me. Once the diagnoses was given and I came home, I called my earthly father told him the diagnosis and he taught me the correct way to eat to keep me from feeling miserable as I had been. And I’m thankful to him and love him for his contribution of which I still follow today because I know that my flesh is not saved. However, I had to also surrender myself to my ultimate FATHER and I too told HIM what I was diagnosed with and said that I did not agree with the diagnoses because I’m healed. Every time I have my blood work done which is every three months in a medical lab they tell me that all my blood levels are normal. But what is strange whatever flesh test are done those will come back abnormal. Why, sickness and disease attached itself in and on blood and organs and I put on my full armor of GOD and have not removed it so my vital organs are protected and my blood is cleansed daily by the Word because I remain in HIS Word.

It’s human for us to want a quick turnaround but we must learn to wait. We’ve made our request known now become thankful, believing that what we went to our FATHER for is coming our way. And even for whatever reason we don’t see our answer in the manner in which we expect, we must be watchful and listen because we don’t know if our answer will come in the form of a person (known or un-known). Then there is the possibility that our request will be denied like King David’s request to have his infants son’s life spared from death, yet it was not. The king was not bitter, he was thankful and he remained in the position of worship towards the FATHER. The king understood that the LORD GOD is still the Living GOD. Now the king lived under law and we live under Grace, however we should not be anxious because we did not receive what we asked for from our FATHER. If we were denied it was for our good, after all HE is GOD and HE can see the beginning all the way to the end, he can hear the intent and motives of our heart and all that is going on in this world.

In this world there is good and bad; we can watch TV and choose to watch all the violence and pornography it offers or we can watch good clean comedy, Christian programs and such. Everyone does not desire to live in mansions or to drive luxury cars and it’s not bad if we are living in what we like and can afford stress free and driving what we like stress free. Some people desire not to own an automobile at all, however, it’s bad when that person attends church with or near you and you don’t offer him or her a ride or you are running errands and you don’t ask your neighbor if he or she may have errands that he or she will need to accomplish and desire a ride with you. And as long as we are wearing well-fitting and clean clothes, why are we stressing out about remaining in the latest fashion.

No beloved child of the Living GOD which are our brother and sister in CHRIST JESUS should ever be worried about the cares of this worldly life. Because just like in the book of Acts, we should have each other’s back.

Ephesians 6:18; Philippians 4:6; Matt. 6:25, 26:41; Lk.12:22, 18:1

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