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August 17, 2020


Did you receive the Holy Spirit-Acts 19:2-6

To those of you who have been following these articles during these past few months, I know that it may come across to you that I am repeatedly writing what has been written before. I do not think that I am, but if I am repeating what has been written, then there has to be an apparent reason for this by the Holy Spirit. That reason is that it is not enough to be saved, which is our fire insurance, our protection from going to hell and destruction. We need to receive the Holy Spirit, and I do not believe that He is given equal time as the FATHER and the SON, JESUS. To be complete, we must have the FATHER, JESUS, and the Holy Spirit living on the inside of us, and we too must live within the FATHER, JESUS, and the Holy Ghost.

Many times the Holy Spirit will speak, and because we do not recognize His voice and something takes place in our lives, we often will say, “something told me.” 

First of all, the Holy Spirit is not a thing; things are inanimate objects which are precisely different from being living beings/people. 

When people have not had their very own personal experience with the LORD, meaning that HIS Word has not yet been revealed directly to an individual, it is understandable as to why hearing the Holy Spirit speaking is not a recognizable voice. “MY sheep hear MY voice, and I know them, and they follow ME, Jhn. 10:27.” 

All too often, believers and non-believers believe that the only baptism that is required is water baptism. Water baptism as taught in the gospels regarding as to why John the Baptizer did this. It was for repentance/the changing of the mind towards sin. For the person who desired to be baptized, they will have made a conscious decision to turn away from sin. Also, at that time, they were being taught to look for or to wait for the coming MESSIAH. [Mt. 3:11; Mrk. 1:4, 7, 8; Lk. 3:16, 7:29; Jhn. 1:15, 26-27; Acts 13:24, 18:25] 

Now, the MESSIAH/the SAVIOR/JESUS the CHRIST has already come so just as before we must make a conscious decision first to turn from sin. In doing this, we must believe that the MESSIAH/the SAVIOR of the world/that JESUS the CHRIST came into this world just for you, that through HIM, you are saved from hell, the lake of fire, and eternal death. That you will be resurrected when HE returns calling HIS bride to meet HIM in the air and that right now HE is in heaven sitting on HIS throne at the right hand of the FATHER praying for you. 

Once we believe in JESUS, then we are to be water baptized as an outward and open declaration that we believe, have faith in, rely on, rest in, and trust in JESUS the CHRIST. In HIS life, HIS death, HIS burial, HIS resurrection, and HIS ascension. Then after this, we are to be baptized in the Holy Spirit who is promised to us from the FATHER and who JESUS said HE would send. 

Just as we confessed and asked JESUS to come into our heart, we too must ask for the Holy Spirit to come and live within us as well. [Acts 8:16-17] 

Is it necessary to have someone who already has the Holy Spirit living within them to lay their hands on those that do not? Absolutely not. I did not receive the Holy Spirit, and many others did not receive the Holy Spirit due to someone laying hands on us and praying for Him to come and enter into us. However, if it is done this way, there is no need to discount what is being or has been done. There is no wrong way of asking for the Holy Spirit to come and live within us. What is wrong is not to ask for Him at all.

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