Be of the same mind in the LORD

GOD is (2)



Philippians 4

Praise the LORD always; rejoice in HIM who is all worthy; all sufficient towards us. Family, before JESUS entered into our heart we spoke and did what was against ourselves and others. When we surrendered to the LORD JESUS day by day; having our minds transformed by HIS Word; we became gentle. Not only are we gentle; we are gentle towards all. We know that our DADDY is on hand and we pull from HIS resources because our resource is either empty or spoiled with wrong motives. However, here is something to think about; when we are going through tough times and we all do. Are we more apt to go to others for advice? Meaning; we have checked with Sally; now we are checking with Billy; now we are checking with Suzy. We are going to many people to discuss situations going on in our lives; obtaining various advices that more than likely we have no intention in using. We set ourselves up for anxiety attacks when all the while; DAD is waiting for us to come to HIM. We have read that we are to pray without ceasing; however, we don’t understand what that really means. Prayer can be formal or informal; I myself prefer the informal because it keeps me right where my DAD wants me. In conversation with HIM. That’s right; prayer is simply conversation between two or more; someone will speak while another will listen. Then we give the listener the opportunity to reply; however, in most cases we pray and don’t wait for an answer or DAD answers and our ears are not attuned to HIS voice. Going to the one and only person who truly has the answers for every situation brings about peace and true peace only comes from the LORD GOD. Our DAD’s peace can’t be comprehended. I know that I’ve faced some difficult situations and yet I remained at peace when before I lost all composure. I was plagued with anxiety attacks a form of stress. Now, my heart is guarded; knowing that everything will be taken care of by my DAD and my mind is at rest another way of saying; I’m at peace. This chapter of this book has a tremendous lesson in it; if we will only get our minds wrapped around this; we will be able to avoid negative thoughts forever. Think on these things:

  • True = authentic, exact, faithful, genuine character, honest, legitimate, reliable, sincere
  • Noble = exalted moral, excellence
  • Just = actual, righteous, rightful, truth
  • Pure = free or without guilt; spotless, untainted with evil
  • Lovely = beauty that appeals to the heart and mind, exquisite, highly pleasing, spiritual beauty
  • o   Good report = favorable, honorable, reliable, sound account or statement describing in detail an event, situation, or the like, usually as the result of observation or inquiry.
  • o   Virtue = moral excellence, righteousness, valor
  • o   Praiseworthy = deserving of praise, expressing admiration, grateful homage
  • o   Meditate = reflect in thought the goodness of our LORD GOD the FATHER, SON and Holy Spirit; (nothing like new age meditation)

Our GOD who should be our LORD has promised that HE will never leave us or forsake us. HE has given to us HIS peace that will remain with us regardless; HIS peace is not based on our emotions. So give HIM praise; rejoice for who HE is. Be content in our LORD DADDY. We have all been degraded; we have all been brought very low; we know what it’s like and we don’t desire to return. Now we must live in the existence of a greater truth who is our LORD and Savior. We must trust in HIM who supplies to us all richly and be filled with HIS presence. Remember, only in CHRIST JESUS can we do all things because it is HE who gives us strength.

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  1. I loved this and it is so true. I have faced the difficult times and I know if I had not given my Heavenly Father my will, it would have been a lot different. You can’t explain the peace that he gives. His grace is sufficient for all our needs but we don’t even understand the word sufficient. Thank you for sharing.

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