If any of us were asked to willingly come to court and testify would we? Let’s clarify what it is to testify, acknowledge, declare, evidence and witness. Some of us maybe acknowledging that we would not willingly come to court and provide negative testimony against another but positive testimony for someone we would. That’s why in a court of law we have summons which compels us to come forward and tell the court what they need to know.

Well, the church need to be encouraged this is why it’s important that we provide testimony that is truthful and not weak with sin. The world needs to hear us testify so that they will know that because JESUS saved and delivered us that HE too will do the same for them. As a matter of fact HE has, the world just has to believe.

When we testify it’s not just in a court of law or in church but in our everyday conversation. Whatever we speak is testimony of what we acknowledge, declare, can or will provide evidence and a witness to. This is why it is so important that the body of CHRIST are not gossipers of lies, if we are going to gossip lets gossip about the goodness of JESUS. In this we are bragging on HIS goodness which in essence is praise.

Each time we testify about JESUS to our self or to another we quench fiery darts that have been aimed and shot at us un-aware so that they will not hit their mark. Not only that but we become stronger in our love walk with and in CHRIST JESUS. We begin to take hold by believing what we are hearing, you can only believe what you consistently hear.

So Testify often about how JESUS came and found you, how JESUS delivered you, how JESUS healed you. Testify about everything and anything that JESUS has done for you because others need to know that because HE did that for you, HE most definitely will do the same for another. JESUS is no respecter of person, HE has no favorites and plays no favorites.

Reminder, the blog is called Testify not testi-lie.

John 3:11 & 1 John 4:14

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