Thankful with Thanksgiving


Many of us like music; many of us would even go as far as to say we love music from classical, jazz, rhythm and blues and everything in between. Some of us study music, are musicians and entertainers of music. Then theirs us folk; the sureda, woulda, coulda’s of music; I sure wish I could sing, I would have done this if only I could have done that.

But is it not wonderful to know that with GOD we don’t have an excuse when it comes to being thankful. Why? Because all we have to think about is everything JESUS has blessed us with. Just this morning we opened our eyes in the land of the living; being given yet another chance to hear the voice of JESUS and to answer HIS knock on the heart of those who have not answered the door as yet. Another day to walk in forgiveness towards people; another day to walk in love; another day to witness to the lost. Another day to walk in our healing and deliverance; we just have so very much to be thankful for. And for this we can sit and make up songs to show JESUS just how much we love HIM.

Look, to the natural eyes and ears we may not have the gifts to sing, dance or play instruments but guess what? To our DADDY we sound and look wonderful to HIM. Why is this? Because when we are truly thankful from our heart; it is from our heart that will pour forth how much we admire, are grateful and willing to commend JESUS in our show of gratitude with thanksgiving. Can you imagine your earthly daddy saying to his buddies look that’s my kid? I know I can and I remember all too well; as a matter of fact he still does it. Well, imagine our heavenly FATHER doing the same towards us when we are showing HIM our thanksgiving. Never be afraid to praise JESUS were ever and whenever because if there is anyone that is ever deserving of our thanks; JESUS is the One.

Psalms 95:2 & 100:4

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