Part III-Series IX-Obedience to faith


June 10, 2020

Acts 6:7; Rom. 1:5, 16:25

Did you know that every believer is responsible for spreading the Good News/the Word of GOD/Salvation through JESUS CHRIST? Well, you do now and no one is able to see and not unsee what they saw. My putting the question in writing and then providing the answer leaves the reader without an excuse as to why they are remaining closet Christians. It is time for the believer in CHRIST JESUS to be bolder than those who are inmates to sin and have no problem at all with pushing their agenda in the face of everyone and anyone. Stop being concerned with people rejecting what you have to offer through your testimony and the Blood of the Lamb/CHRIST JESUS and remember in JESUS humanity HE walked this earth spoke/taught many, healed many, delivered many, and fed many; and yet, there were still witnesses to HIS teaching, signs, and wonders that rejected HIM. Our position is to spread the Gospel of CHRIST JESUS and those who have an ear to hear will hear. Our continual sharing of the Good News concerning the salvation of CHRIST JESUS is like a contagious virus and after two thousand and twenty years there still is no cure that will keep people like myself from sharing the salvation of CHRIST JESUS.

Here is some information that you may not be aware of, people are looking for answers and hope. There is no better answer that we can provide through the confidence that we know to be true other than the “Message of Truth” which is the gospel of salvation. This message of hope when received brings with it fruit-bearing blessings which never ceases to grow. Reflect on your life, notice the change be it small or large. From the moment you heard and believed you began to change and so shall you continue to change for the better. Some if not all of those changes to your character and integrity would have never happened had you remained void of CHRIST JESUS living inside of your heart. So, why keep your testimony to yourself? You do not need a platform to perform a public speaking engagement. Do what you do now, just speak with people about the salvation obtain only through CHRIST JESUS which is the Grace of GOD instead of the nonsense that you normally speak about.   

Regardless of our seeing a person come to JESUS or not is irrelevant what is relevant is that we share what we believe just as someone shared with us through obedience. It is not possible to believe and not obey. Sure, we all when speaking to others about the Grace of GOD which through CHRIST JESUS is the gift of salvation that keeps on providing, we want to witness the new birth that they will experience but that may not occur all the time. Look at it this way and I am in no way a farmer or gardener but I know that before any type of crop is grown, planting must first occur, then the watering, and lastly the harvest. 

Ask yourself, how many times did I hear about JESUS and salvation before I finally believed? If you had to hear it over and over from various people, then you should not be disappointed because the faith in you through the rejection of the gift you speak about has been planted or watered by you. You must allow the people to walk away from you and though you are disappointed not allow that to affect your obedience to the faith that you possess. Let the last words they hear from you that JESUS loves you and HE died for you. If you were like me when my beloved mother brought the salvation message to her children we did not understand what she was speaking about but within a years’ time we began to believe and we received the free gift of salvation. Now for me, I heard what my mother said but never heard it again from anyone but I kept tossing it around in my thoughts and watching her before taking my everlasting gift. I have witnessed too thousands and can only count on one hand those that I saw believe and take the gift of salvation. I have had people come to me and share with me that the person that I spoke with here or there have changed and proclaiming JESUS CHRIST but to my credit, I can never remember speaking to anyone in most of the locations that I find myself. I have always viewed this as a great thing because I do not want to become conceited and begin to blow my own trumpet. I would rather meet those that have made heaven their home because of what I said or wrote after we are all resurrected and join CHRIST JESUS in the air as we are ushered into heaven.

Because of the FATHERs’ free gift to us through JESUS believers have received Grace to lead people to JESUS and in JESUS the value of obedience. The riches of CHRIST are too vast for any of us to comprehend all at once this is why it is needed for us to be complete in our relationship with JESUS which requires us to be baptized in the Holy Spirit so that we can study with purpose, apply the Word of GOD to the activity of our life, renew our mindset, change the way we speak and so on. We are to be daily led to obedience through not only to believe in our faith of JESUS but to obey as well. After all, we did not choose JESUS, CHRIST JESUS chose us, so why not tell as many as you possibly can either verbally or by writing them about JESUS. 

Remindinder: Stop being a closeted Christian and put no value on your continually being accepted by those that you viewed to be your friend. Do not worry if you are kicked out of affiliations, [clubs or church buildings] you most likely had no business being apart of that clique anyway.


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