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November 5, 2020

Wisdom is a Person – Proverbs 1:20

I need to make something clear, in this scripture Wisdom is described to be feminine. I have struggled with this description because in all my years of study I have only found Wisdom to be CHRIST JESUS. I have yet to understand or to get an answer from the FATHER as to why Wisdom is described as feminine. [However, any reader who can successfully explain to me from their years of study as to why Wisdom is described as feminine rather than masculine without providing the answer in swelling vain words. I welcome your comment.]

I gain better insight from Matthew Henry 1662-1714 who was a minister of the gospel and a non-conformist. When I study I often refer to him for help. I gained an understanding that wisdom is pluralized because of these two characterizations. 

  • The infinite wisdom of GOD
  • The manifold wisdom of GOD

GOD speaks to humanity with human understanding which is our carnal wisdom of light and law of nature; powers and faculties of reason; and the office of conscience. Most of us believe that GOD speaks to us in a still, quiet, and small voice and though this is true, this is not the case always. There are times when GOD through wisdom will cry out with a loud voice and pleas with us, I know because I heard HIM yelling with caution for me to not carry out a desire that I had many years ago. Though HE cautioned me not to go through with what I wanted to do, I must confess to you that I did what I wanted to do anyway and it caused me years of heartache.

Okay, I wrote previously that the word wisdom is pluralized and I wrote above one of the reasons why it is so. The other reason is civil governmental wisdom which is GOD’s ordinance; HIS permanent rule of action, the observance of HIS commandment. 

So, now that we are armed with that information we come back to the question as to why Wisdom is referred to as feminine rather than masculine. The only logical reason to me for it may be different for you is this. Like a woman, a lady who lives her life in good morality she may speak aloud, pleading with cries/shouts in the hopes that people will give ear to listen to her warnings. People are more proned to stop and listen to a lady who is known for her respectful character and integrity and take heed before stopping to listen to an immoral woman who is loud consistently being unladylike. Read Provbs. 8:1-36 and 9:1-6 to gain insight as to what and how a woman [Lady] should be through the personification of Wisdom. 

Now, let me tie this up with a big bow. But before I place the lid on this gift package let me ask you this question if you thought that I had forgotten the subject of this article. Did you know that Wisdom is a person? If Wisdom is not a person, why are we told that Wisdom speaks? How can a non-person speak? The proper use of speaking is to talk of our expressed opinions, to express our thoughts by the use of words, to ask questions, to answer, to articulate [a lost art]. Did you know that the other name that Wisdom is known most frequently is the Holy Spirit? The Holy Spirit is given to the children of GOD when we ask for the Holy Spirit-Lk. 11:13. We receive the promise of the Holy Spirit through faith-Gal. 3:14. Also, when we ask for Wisdom and we must do so daily because our wisdom is nothing like Wisdom that comes from GOD. Our wisdom is earthly, unspiritual, and can even be demonic, Jms. 3:13-16. GOD’s Wisdom will be given to us liberally-Jms. 1:5. Because Wisdom belongs to GOD-Jms. 3:17-18.

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