Matthew 2

Take notice that in the scripture the term used “wise men” never gave a numerical count. What were wise men during these times?  They studied the stars (science and math); also known as star gazers. Another well known name “Magi” were known in ancient Media (modern Iran), Persia and Arabia as “Zoroastrian Priest” who held supernatural powers. These men were gentiles who traveled from the East because this is where they saw the star appear to them and they traveled in the direction of that star.  Arabia, Iran and Persia are west of Jerusalem.  We do not know how many in number went looking for the King of the Jews it could have been as few as two or up to the thousands. We must stop reading  more than what is provided to us in the bible just because the wise men brought with them and presented three gifts. It was the wise men who first announced that the King of the Jews has been born by asking “where is HE who is born King of the Jews? Notice also that they specifically proclaimed that they have come to “worship HIM”. This lets me know that these Priest though gentiles (non-believers) were actual believers in The LORD GOD. How else could a non-believer know about whom JESUS is unless he is informed; also the Priest must have had spiritual knowledge that the King of the Jews is The CHRIST. King Herod specifically asked his scribes and Chief Priest where The CHRIST is to be born. These officials knew the information because it had been recorded by Balaam in Number 24:17. Now notice that the description of JESUS is always “young child” HE is never referred to as a baby though in our culture a child of four is still considered a baby also known as toddler.  Even the angel of The LORD called JESUS a young child. King Herod calculating from the time the wise men spoke to him about the King of the Jews ordered that all male children be killed from age two to just born. This is literal if a woman was giving birth to a baby during these murderous events and it is seen that the baby is male, that baby was murdered. This was all done to ensure that the life of this King of the Jews was snuffed out.

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