The SON pt 9






I sincerely hope that you are excited in reading about the SON as I am in sharing about HIM. For many of you, this maybe an introduction to HIM. For some, a furtherance into understanding HIM all the more. And yet, in all you maybe finding out just who you are within in HIM as well, and gaining your strength in worth. And no longer walking in low self-esteem.

So let’s continue with finding out more about JESUS being the SON to HIS FATHER and to HIS earthly parents. It is the duty of a parent to instill within their child who they are and to mold and guide them as to which direction they are to go. Unfortunately today in the poor neglected parts of the world. Children are left to their own devices, basically, they are primed to be slaughtered by whatever comes what may out there in the darkness and bitterness of the world.

JESUS has two dads and one FATHER who cared, provided and taught HIM all HE needed to know. And yet, it was HIS choice as to what HE was to do with what HE had. HE lived in the ghetto, an urban area or maybe a slumb. After all, there was a question that was asked, (Jhn. 1:46) “Can anything good come out of Nazareth”? We can’t change where we are born and as children we sure can’t change where we live, but we can develop a Muhammad Ali “The Greatest” boxer Champion spirit. Fight your way out through obedience to what is right from wrong, get an education, work legal gainful employment; there is nothing wrong with minimum wage. Tell yourself that you are pretty, handsome, the greatest, speak encouragement to yourself, these are some of the things that “The Greatest” did and why he is so admired.

Now back to our most important subject, JESUS. Because JESUS was faithful over HIS own house and the house of the FATHER. Now just in case, you don’t know, you and JESUS are one just as JESUS and the FATHER are one. But this only applies to the Blood washed, Blood purchased, JESUS body sacrificed believers. You have to acknowledge that you and JESUS and the FATHER are one. The FATHER is in you, JESUS is in you and you are in the FATHER and JESUS. Pretty cool huh!? So what does that also mean to us? That we don’t just put any old thing in our bodies and then later when we come up with health problems we wonder why. You are intelligent, certain foods we need to cut back on or give up altogether. Smoking, drinking and drugging STOP! Cease fire with our mouths, meaning our words are more harmful that being physically abused. Bruises and cuts will heal and though JESUS will deliver us from abuse emotional, mental and physical those words are still in our library, they just don’t hurt any longer. But we still recall them and who said them, where we were, how old we were and so on.

JESUS as a human suffered more than just the cross. Many people don’t consider this. Let’s put some things into perspective, boy JESUS played with the other little boys in Nazareth fell down, skinned HIS knee and got cuts and scrapes, bandages and kissed on HIS little boo boos just like any other little kid. Teen-age JESUS wanted to do the same things other teens were doing. But when HE wasn’t spending countless hours intrigued by the scriptures being read in the synagogue by the Rabbi’s, HE was working as a carpenter’s apprentice with HIS dad or as the carpenter HIMself since the scripture does not tell us when HIS dad died. Then as a young man, we know that HE attended formal events because HE went to a wedding in Canaan and HIS mother knowing full well who HE is and that HE could help made a request of HIM. But notice as most kids do, let’s just speed this up to today, instead of saying what JESUS said let’s say JESUS, sucked HIS teeth or said oh man or whatever kids say yet they do it without hesitation just to get us off their case. And lastly, another example I will like to use is that JESUS has sisters and brothers by HIS mother and step-father. That’s right Mary and Joseph had a normal healthy marriage that produced children in the normal manner, so for those of you that thought Mary remained a virgin after birthing JESUS, wrong. JESUS sisters and brothers thought HIM to be out there, strange and weird. Don’t you think that this caused HIM to suffer? Some of you can relate, you are doing some fabulous things out there and your family don’t believe in you and it hurts, you are suffering emotionally. Yet, through all the known sufferings that you have heard or read in the bible and now know with some little eye openers that I shared, hope I caused you to see JESUS as being a little more human and relatable. JESUS remained faithful to HIS mission, HIS ministry was to bring grace and mercy to mankind to have mankind touch the face of GOD. To tear the veil down so that we can live in freedom and liberty through HIM in love, peace, and joy. That we be saved from the hands of the enemy and no longer available to be victims that were stolen from, killed and destroyed. We are set free in HIS Word we are no longer held captive.

This is why GOD came off HIS thrown and stepped into flesh to resemble mankind. HE left everything behind and came to earth, HE walked among HIS people. HE was obedient to everything that HIS FATHER needed and wanted HIM to do for you and me. And even though there was a time as a human man, HE did not want to do this, HE trusted in HIS FATHER’s will and believed knowing that everything will be alright. So HE gladly died for you and me. And because HE believed and trusted HIS FATHER and rose from the grave and lives. I can believe, trust, rise and live. This is why I choose to obey. How about you?

Hebrews 3:6, 5:8, Phil. 2:8


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