Part 1

To my estimation and it does not mean that I am correct. However this I know is true because of the Word, two thousand and fifteen years ago JESUS was crucified, buried and rose from the grave. Knowing that HIS ministry was for three years and that HE was thirty-three when HE was crucified. I would estimate that two thousand and forty-eight years ago JESUS the SON of the Most High GOD was born to us.

JESUS is a gift given to the world. And those who have received HIM are governed by HIM. We are inhabitants, citizens within the community of heaven. Though in this earthly body we must obey the laws of the government here on earth. We must understand that we are ruled also by a more excellent government that have been placed on the shoulders of JESUS.

We are to be comfortable in knowing and going to the ONE JESUS who is also named,

  • Wonderful = amazing, astonishing, excellent and marvelous.
  • Counselor = adviser, ambassador, attorney.
  • Mighty GOD = shows superior power and strength, huge, supreme, creator and ruler, of the universe.
  • Everlasting FATHER = eternal parent, the beginner of the family line, originator, the First of the trinity who is one.
  • Prince of Peace = sovereignty, monarch, possessor of an admirable characteristic which is harmonious, non-violent, gives freedom of the mind from the annoyances of anxiety, distraction, obsessions and any other negativity. Giving us tranquility, silence, serenity, rest, and stillness.

Isaiah 9:6

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