Ms. Jackson made a very popular R&B song asking the question “What have you done for me lately?” I like the song as well; it was a very catchy tune and I still find myself dancing to it or snapping my finger to it. However, most of us live our lives in this mindset of “I”. It’s always me and myself first never considering the other.

I’m a young middle aged fifty plus year’s woman who have not seen it all and I know that I’ve got a lot to witness. What I have witnessed however is that becoming selfish is taught more than just a natural instinct that comes out of the heart like lies out of babes. I’ve seen tots playing especially those who don’t have siblings and they are willing to share. But those who do have sibs are not so very willing and then I have seen the opposite as well.

So where am I going with this? Brothers and sisters in the faith; we need to take self-inventory; often not to deceive ourselves because the last person we can see is our self. What are we consistently thinking about? Who does it benefit? If what we are thinking about consistently has anything to do with just us and nothing at all to do with bringing glory to GOD and HIS kingdom that’s selfishness. If all we care about is our flesh; how it looks (dressed in the latest fashion, drive the latest auto, buy/rent the largest home, have the most money, greatest position/title); that’s selfish.

Those that live according to the flesh keeps track/a record of all deeds and expects payment in return. Simply put, all kindness is not kindness without some sort of expectation. People do come calling and when they come and you are not able to assist in their request; they will lay guilt on you with remembrance of what they did to help. However, we who belong to JESUS should never look for repayment from mankind and we should never speak about what we did to help another. 


It’s wonderful to have the greatest because being a child of The KING we are to have the very best. However, we are not to get them by any means necessary; crawling over our brothers and sisters who are hurting and in need. Ignoring problems because we are afraid someone wants something from us; we are too busy to lend our time to others but are never too busy to do what we want to do that amounts to nothing for JESUS. We need to study our ancestors from the book of Acts and get a clue. We need to come together and stop being so divided within the church and become true disciples of CHRIST JESUS as HE so desires us to be.

Proverbs 23:7

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