How many inmates do we suppose are sitting in prison that will like to be pardoned by the President of the United States of America? How many of us will like to be pardon by our loved ones for things we have done or said? How many of us realize that the LORD GOD gave the world a pardon through HIS beloved SON JESUS by having HIM to be the One to be the sacrifice for our sins, to take our punishment and to die in our place?

Though King David was a wonderful worshiper, he was also an emotional wreck if you truly understand the psalms. His emotions go up and down, but what I admire about that is that he acknowledges those emotions to the LORD GOD. He does not pretend that everything is alright with himself when he knows that it’s not. King David had some sin issues and he was aware of some of them and when he faced them he went to the LORD GOD with them, he did not run from the LORD GOD because of them. King David exposed himself, this is an example that we all should take from him, we are not perfect though we belong to JESUS and we do make mistakes. We don’t live our lives in sin as we once did but there are times when we, unfortunately, find ourselves allowing our old flesh version win. Don’t lie down in defeat tell DAD about it, HE already knew it was going to happen HE was not surprised. We are the ones who are surprised by our actions, we were pardoned back on the cross but telling DADDY gives us a chance to pardon ourselves of the guilt that we have no business with in the first place.

We are not wicked children of darkness any longer. We have given that up when we died in JESUS CHRIST and rose up in CHRIST JESUS. In the beginning, we belonged to the LORD GOD when the LORD GOD created Adam. After Adam gave his authority over to satan which is called the fall of mankind we no longer belonged to the LORD GOD. So now we have returned to our rightful FATHER the LORD GOD with our righteous thoughts. So though prisoners may sit behind bars or locked doors, they can be pardoned and still have to serve their legal time, but not alone. Some family members may or may not pardon us but for every family member whose carnal blood flows through your arteries that dismiss you. You have a loving family member with the blood of JESUS flowing through your arteries that loves you as you are. Just remember to pardon ourselves from everything as JESUS has! 

Psalms 25:11; Isaiah 55:7


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