This is 4ever

Colossians 1 (part 3)

Who is or was lost?

a) You

b) Me


The answer is found in who was it that has been reconciled. Yet, all too often we hear people proclaim a different witness to reconciliation. As one who breaks the law and is an enemy to the law of righteousness and authorities; our minds must be captured and set free from wicked works. Evil can’t capture holiness; however, holiness may capture evil; if the person desires to be caught. Through the death of JESUS CHRIST; those that heard; accepted and believed by faith have been made holy and blameless before our LORD GOD. We are above reproach in HIS sight because we are washed in the blood of HIS beloved SON. When our DADDY looks down on us when we have stumbled and fallen; HE does not convict us because all HE sees is the blood of JESUS. HE sees that we are forgiven. However, this does not mean that we can purposefully sin and lay in a fallen state. This is why it is critical that we stay in the Word; those sins that we don’t have faith to stop; will come to an end as the Holy Spirit illuminates the Word of GOD. That Word will get into our heart and whatever is in our heart is who we are and what we will do. We must continue in the faith of CHRIST JESUS; being grounded and steadfast. Not easily moved by the pressure of others or the pressure of being tempted. As our faith becomes stronger in an area of our lives we will come to notice that we are no longer tempted by that particular thing any longer. We have hope in the gospel of CHRIST JESUS. Many of us have either said or heard others say “GOD is mysterious; HE has wonders to perform.” I’ll write this and you can take this to the bank; our LORD GOD is not mysterious and HE is not a performer. Anything we want to know about our DADDY is found in HIS Word; also we can speak with HIM and HE will answer us. JESUS is the total image of the invisible GOD and the Holy Spirit is the Spirit of the Living GOD. So to know GOD is to know HIM as FATHER, SON and Holy Spirit. GOD our LORD and Savior is only a mystery to those who refuse to accept JESUS as GOD, LORD and Savior. The choice is yours remain a sinner or one who does not have a fellowship and relationship with the FATHER, the SON and the Holy Spirit and HE will continue to be a mystery to you. The LORD GOD has revealed HIMSELF to HIS saints; GOD willed that we be made known the riches of HIS glory and HE desires that all sinful mankind come to know HIM. CHRIST JESUS who lives inside of us the hope of glory. CHRIST JESUS is the one we are to preach, teach and witness about; warning every man in GODly wisdom.

accept GOD's best



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