Trust the LORD for direction

Proverbs 3:5-6

We must trust GOD and all HIS commandments over our lives. We all want to soar with the eagles (I hope) and we can only accomplish this when we trust in GOD completely. When we have gone on our own hunches we discovered failure and successes. With GOD we only experience success. There used to be a brokerage firm known as EF Hutton back
in the 1970’s and 80’s that had a successful commercial that coined the popular saying of those decades; “When EF Hutton talks, people listen”! That brokerage no longer exist; due to mergers. When we however, merge into GOD and HE talk, we should listen and do as HE direct us. Everything that GOD does is good; you may not view it that way because of the negative things that you are going through. But the negative is not from GOD; the negative is from satan
primarily; those he uses and you. GOD can see what you are going through and when you call on him HE will not disregard your call. Let me give you some encouraging information that many people don’t realize. Everyone that belongs to JESUS has gone through some rough times. They were once in the pit and they are equipped to help pull you out of that same pit they were once in. I know that many of them pretend as though they have never been in difficult
situations but believe me we all have. GOD allows circumstances to happen to us so that we can explode for HIM as HE sees fit. How can we help one another if we don’t know where they’ve been? For every abused survivor there was a victim. For every delivered junkie there was an active junkie that did some crazy things for their next fix. For every delivered alcoholic there was a drunk. For every person who loves greatly there was a person who hated. The list goes on; trust GOD for your direction. GOD placed you where you are and GOD will remove you also.

**To see an EF Hutton commercial check out You-tube. **  

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