Regardless of how we may feel about snow, snow is often a reminder of a cleansing and purification.

To the sinner, the one who comes to JESUS for the first time, this cleansing experience is most wonderful, yet, at the same time, none of us have been able to explain the washing we all have received.

To the children of the FATHER we are washed daily when we read the Word of GOD, praise GOD in recognition of HIS glory and worship GOD by obeying HIS Word.

When JESUS cleaned us HE left not one tiny spot of sin within us, had HE done so it would mean that HE was not the ultimate completion of the sacrifice given to us by the FATHER. It also means that in HIS failure HE cannot be seated at the right hand of the FATHER. This is why we have our assurance in knowing that we are cleaned and purified whiter than a fresh new blanket of snow.

JESUS is such a gentleman because HE never shy’s away from controversial conversation as to why we need HIM. The explanation is that our sins are like scarlet and crimson both of which are red in color, scarlet a bright red with an orange hue and crimson purple in color with a red hue. When we see these colors in fabrics they are brilliant, dark, deep, and rich. We never give thought that these same vibrant colors for fabric are the same sickening colors that present bruises on our bodies. For the word of GOD shows us in Isaiah 53:5, HE was bruised for our transgressions. However, our sins are not measured by the FATHER all HE knows is that mankind needed a Savior and HE gave us JESUS who cleansed and purged us as snow and wool.

Mankind measures sin by activity and the FATHER doesn’t because we are guilty of every sin whether we practiced a certain act or not. This is why children who have been purged and washed in JESUS don’t spend time in judging the sins of a person because we understand that there was a time when we too were guilty of (sexual immorality); adultery, fornication, homosexuality, lewdness, and uncleanness we were guilty of being totally irresponsible and having no self-control.  Again, we were guilty of practicing without shame idolatry and sorcery, we held people up above GOD, we worshipped mankind or things, and let me not forget the zodiacs or visitation to palm readers, playing the ouija board and such. Then there were the emotional sins filled with hatred, contentions, dissensions, jealousies, envy, murders, and outburst of wrath, always angry about something or quick to fly off the handle. Then we have those who think of themselves only and don’t care who they hurt to achieve their goal, don’t care about another for any reason, these people have selfish ambitions. We also stood guilty of being involved in drunkenness, revelries, (loud and obnoxious) and addictions. The smallest grouping of the guilty the heretic, we laughed at those who attended church service, we thought that we were good so surely GOD would have to see that we were not as bad as someone else. We lead others away from the faith in JESUS CHRIST by what is said or done against JESUS. Those who practice heresies, though the smallest they are the loudest and these are the people that make others think that sin is winning when it’s simply not so.

As stated before, we have not all practiced these sins but we were all guilty of them. And when we received JESUS and HE purged and washed us as clean as snow. We now stand with a loving and holy boldness in HIM of our righteousness in CHRIST JESUS because we are no longer guilty but acquitted and free in CHRIST JESUS.



Psalms 51:7, Isaiah 1:8 & 43:26

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