In today modern English or lack thereof; we no longer use the vocabulary word upright to describe the character of a person. However, in Deuteronomy upright is used to describe the character of our FATHER GOD; that HE is upright meaning that HE is honest, justifiable and honorable. Our FATHER is also described as being a Rock which lets us know that HE is our firm foundation. That HIS work is perfect; it’s complete; no improvement required or needed. And it should go without writing that our FATHER is a GOD of truth and justice; righteous in all HIS ways.  Psalms further informs us that our FATHER is good and HE teaches us in the way. However, you may be asking; which way would that be? HIS way of course.

Our natural DNA locks us into not only looking like members of our family; it also causes us to sound or have certain traits as theirs. My sister has a particular pitch in her voice when she is making an important point that irritates me and I have often wondered why she sound this way or why she does that. Then recently as I was speaking with my father I noticed the very same pitch. Now for us to be well over our fifties and I’m just picking this up goes to show that I’m still studying my natural parents to learn about my heavenly FATHER. Not only this but our spiritual DNA is also linked as well and is operational. JESUS explained in John 8:42 how those with the DNA of the heavenly FATHER and those with the DNA hellish father are. Galatians 5:19-23 makes it perfectly clear who has or is growing in JESUS and who obeys his hellish father.

Everyday is a brand new day; one that has never been experienced before by anyone. As long as we had the ability to wake up; we have the ability to begin anew. Even if or when we fall; if we hurry and pick ourselves up quickly it’s a greater chance to regain our focus on JESUS. The longer we sit or lay in our sin; the more difficult it becomes for us to get up or get unstuck or un-stiff. This is where the enemy wants us; right where he can place his nasty ole feet on the necks, shoulders, backs or hips of people. Especially, GOD’s people because most of us don’t realize just how free in CHRIST JESUS we are. How do I know this? Here is the test; we may spend 1-2 hours a day reading or studying our bible and yet we don’t speak the scriptures, pray the scriptures, think the scriptures, live the scriptures. We may attend bible study once a week; yet we don’t apply the Word of GOD to our daily life to show ourselves and others that we are Overcomers and Victorious through CHRIST JESUS. We may attend worship service each week, yet; we are not showing forgiveness or the LOVE of CHRIST JESUS who is within us. Here are two simple questions that saved and unsaved people are familiar with. What type of fruit did Adam and Eve eat from the tree? Don’t say it, look up the scripture and when you find the actual fruit write to me and let me know; www.amfbem@amfbem.info . The second question is; how many wise men were there who presented gifts to JESUS and His parents? Again, write to me with the exact number when you find that out as well.

It’s time that we; the children of the Living GOD become upright as our FATHER is upright.

Deut. 32:4; Ps. 25:8

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