All too often I think that when a person thinks about balance it’s often related to something mathematically. The counting of money; the measuring of something, a shelf for example. A table where you must fold something to stick beneath the leg so that it does not rock. When we hear balance which pertains to the human life it means well rounded; mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. At least that’s what it meant to me. I’m a transformed workaholic; I used to be way off balance. First I suffered from depression; I’ve worked steady since I was fifteen and grew in love with work. I became a mother and wife. The first contradiction here is the depression because it kept me from enjoying my family as I witnessed other families enjoying one another. I had to make myself get involved in my children’s life because of the great love and devotion that I have for them. The second contradiction in my life is that I was in love with work and I prospered greatly from it. There were never any longs hours; nothing I could not set out and accomplish. In other words I was married to my work and a very faithful wife to it. But just like my abusive marriage to my husband work also was abusive to me. The years that I spent giving everything that I had to my work provided me with major health problems in the end. I did not live a balanced life. Depression (mental) controlled me; work consumed me; spouse beat me; children suffered and I found no joy in being saved. Salvation to me in reality was fire insurance; I was insured that I never would see the gates of hell. Once I divorced my husband I threw myself even deeper into work but I made a promise that each and every weekend I would devote my time to my children. We would bond and I kept my word. The breakdown was that I often thought about work and I wanted to return to my wonderful house where I felt secure watching TV. Until my children grew up and began to live their own lives I kept my word to bond with them during the weekends. This became somewhat harder for me because now my health is on a rollercoaster ride down hill. My son is now in the military and my daughter now lives with her dad because of my health. Work was taken away from me and disability was provided. It is here in this dark place that I found balance. Though my children are now adults and per the government I am disabled. I found what true joy is according to Galatians 5:22. I have been delivered from depression; my ministry empowers people regardless of sex; nationality; creed or color to be encouraged. I now have balance; I don’t trip about what I can or cannot accomplish when I think it should have been accomplished. As long as I give it my effort until the task is complete; I have nothing to complain about. Mentally I’m balanced because my first, inbetween and last thought of the day is about GOD and HIS Word or HIS grace and mercy; HIS love for me; how blessed I am because of HIM. I’m balanced physically because I accomplish what I can for that present day and if anything still requires my attention; I’ll see to it on the following day should GOD give me another day. I’m balanced emotionally because I no longer allow anger and hurt to live inside of me; I may not speak on a subject that caused me anger or hurt the same day it happens. However, after conversation with my ABBA DADDY and Wisdom provides me with the words; the Holy Spirit provides me with the ability to do what must be done and JESUS witnessing with me because HE is angry or hurt also; I know that there will be a victorious outcome all around and if not I know I will be victorious. I’m balanced spiritually because I recognize that I am nothing without GOD; I am lost without JESUS; I am foolish without Wisdom and I’m a looser without the Holy Spirit. I need them all; I can’t pick and choose who I will be more devoted to. If I don’t have one of them I miss out on all of them.

Scripture reference & definition

Job 37:16

Isaiah 40:12

Mental steadiness or emotional stability; habit of calm behavior, judgment; the power or ability to decide an outcome by throwing one’s strength, influence, support to one side or the other. To arrange, adjust; estimate the relative weight or importance; compare.


I want to add a commentary to the scriptures. Though these are mathematical balances; meaning the scriptures pertains to measurements. I myself found these scriptures to be of help to put my life in order when it came to balance. 

Our GOD in HIS authority over all creation is so great, and so dominant over all creation, that HE has measured the waters in the center palm of HIS hand, and has measured heaven with a span. (A span is the distance from the tip of the thumb to the tip of the little finger). GOD is not a being with the body of a giant, so large that all the waters of the earth could be cupped in HIS hand, or so large that the universe could be measured by the span of HIS hand. The Bible tells us that GOD the FATHER is spirit, so HE does not have a body as we know it (John 4:24). GOD is so great in HIS wisdom and intelligence that HE calculated the dust of the earth in a measure. GOD knows exactly how many grains of dust there are on the earth. A person could never calculate the dust in their own house – much less the dust of the earth! To take it further, GOD knows how heavy the mountains are (HE weighed the mountains in scales), and the hills also for that matter! (And the hills in a balance).

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