Victory in obeying GOD

Jeremiah 7:23

The LORD told Jeremiah to go back into the temple and motivate the people. Today we have radio; television; social networks and various other avenues where can encourage people with whom they are in JESUS and whom JESUS is in us. It is up to every CHRISTian to tell or remind people who they are and that they can be winners; victory is the regular and defeat is the exception. Success and victory comes when we are enthusiastic about the union we have with and in JESUS and when we freely and wholeheartedly obey the LORD.
When we were sinners and to those who are still sinners; there was or is a great deal of comfort being worldly; we were quite content to be spiritual losers if everybody would just leave us alone. Or so we thought; in reality we don’t want to be left alone. We want people to show us how much we are loved; we want to be needed. Well I’m not going to leave you alone because I know all too well that when we are left alone to our own devises; we get into all sorts of trouble. The enemy desires that we are left alone so he can cause all kind of havoc in our lives. When left alone we dwell on all the anger and hurt and self-pity; yes anger and hurt is a justifiable emotion but it’s not a good one that we should hold on to. Anger and hurt is an emotion that when we are faced with it; we are to deal with it swiftly and release it. These emotions when held will cause a great deal of harm to the one who holds on to them; these emotions lead to depression; abuse to self and or to others. Each of us has a giant living within us and it’s important that we recognize the giant inside of us. GOD does not want to leave you alone either; there should be someone always around who is oozing to share their testimony of what GOD has and is doing in their life. GOD wants to get to that winner inside of you that satan has locked up. Get enthusiastic for the LORD; think about what you most love and substitute that love for the love of JESUS. GOD desires that you live a victorious life in obedience to HIS Word. Remember the best time you have ever had and recapture that zeal for JESUS; aim for HIS kingdom and the heart to obey HIM. Don’t settle for being spiritual losers.   

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