Rejoice in suffering

1 Peter 4 –

I’m sure you may think that something is definitely wrong with me; for me to write rejoice in suffering. After all don’t we suffer enough? However, I promise you; with the help of the Holy Spirit you will see why we are to rejoice in suffering. First, always keep in mind that CHRIST suffered greatly for us in HIS flesh and the suffering that we have to go through or will go through will never measure the suffering CHRIST went through for us. And two; here are a couple of examples how we suffer in our flesh. How many of us have tried dieting and have craved certain foods or a larger amount of food to eat? How many of us have failed because we ate the food we desired or ate more than the required amount? This is suffering. Here is another example; how many of us have decided to stop participating in an act that so many of our acquaintances and family members know us for and we tell them that we don’t want to do that or we have given our life over to JESUS and they laugh at us? That is suffering. Now these are small examples; however, I believe that you get the point. Let family and acquaintances laugh and make fun of you; you are no longer living to your lust. You now desire to live your life for GOD your FATHER in heaven. When we decide to accept JESUS into our hearts it’s not only to get to heaven though that is what so many of us believe. It’s also to have heaven come into our lives because that is what JESUS desire. We can live a heavenly life here on earth if we only trust JESUS fully. Everyday after we were born until the day we accept JESUS as our Savior is long enough to live out our will of lust; ignorance; and vulgarity; bad, poor and worthless decisions. We have spent enough of our lives steeped in addiction; being drunk or high; attending parties in the dark where anything can happen and does happen; being loud for no emergency reason or not praising GOD. We’ve spent enough of our time serving false gods such as ourselves and anyone or anything that we esteem higher than our Creator The Most High GOD in heaven. Many will try us by testing us where we are weak; however, I assure you that Grace lives within us and is stronger than our weakness. In other words; JESUS lives within us and we can do all things through CHRIST JESUS who strengthens us. So let them laugh and say evil things about us. Rejoice in your suffering. Unsaved man will have to answer to the JUDGE and it is for this reason that the gospel was given to us. Saved man no longer stands under judgment; the law of the land comes from the bible. No person can be judged again for a crime that they have been found not guilty; it’s called double jeopardy. JESUS was found guilty of sin on our behalf. HE has already been judged for our sins; past, present and future. Unsaved man will be judged according to the works of the flesh; for their lust. Look at it this way; when we participate in or ingest anything that may cause addiction. The judgment is found in and on our bodies; we crave what we should not have; yet, we can’t on our own stop. However, JESUS is the one who took addiction on HIMSELF on the cross and has been judged. So brothers and sisters live now according to GOD in the spirit. Be serious about your relationship with CHRIST JESUS as well as your prayer life; as you are about the care and love that you have for your parents, spouse and children. Even greater show your love towards your spiritual siblings in action not just words. When we have true love that is not measured by what a person say or what a person does; that is unconditional love and this type of love will not remember the wrongs done to us by others. JESUS does not remember all the wrong that we’ve done and HE does not see all the wrong that we may do. It’s wonderful to know that when our heavenly FATHER looks at each of HIS children that he only sees HIS precious SON’s blood covering us and HE smiles with great joy saying; this is my son or this is my daughter. We must be generous; giving and polite with each other without complaining; look for nothing in return. Do out of pure love and nothing more. We all have a specific gift within us; the proof is that when we have a very strong desire to accomplish something; we are able to do that thing without any stress because each time we have clarity. That’s our gift so be a good steward of that gift because GOD’s Grace is attached to that gift. In other words JESUS has given you that ability. Speak the Word of GOD over yourself and answer those who don’t have a clue. We all need to be reminded of GOD’s Grace or informed of GOD’s Grace. Do we have to go around sounding like we’re preaching or enable to have a general conversation without sounding like we are scholars of the bible; because we can quote the scriptures word for word with all the punctuations in their proper place? Heck no; however we can speak GOD’s Word on the level to whom we are speaking with. Besides for me; it is far greater that I live the scriptures than to go around and bible thump with the quoting of scriptures. GOD will get the glory because this is where it belongs. And GOD can interpret every language. I don’t understand most of what people are saying to me because of horrible grammar or ebonics. Again; I remind you to minister with only the ability that GOD supplies you with. In all things GOD will be glorified through JESUS CHRIST to whom the glory and dominion belong forever anyway. It’s not strange that we are talked about negatively; after all wasn’t JESUS? It’s not strange that family and acquaintances walk away from us; no one likes JESUS; either they love HIM or they hate HIM and it will be the same for us. So rejoice in suffering. When we suffer for CHRIST JESUS we partake in CHRIST’s suffering and HIS glory is revealed. So be joyful exceedingly. We are blessed; the Spirit of glory and of GOD lives within us. Don’t be ashamed of being a CHRISTian; glorify GOD in all matters; those who suffer according to the will of GOD commit their souls to HIM in doing well as is right to our faithful Creator.

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