Just, Justice, Justification, Justified


From the instant we are conceived in our mother’s womb we are growing. This process of growth is not limitless it’s continual. Many of us reach a point when we just stop springing forth in growth and we should always be arising to something new and exciting that we have learned and experienced that has challenged us to become better people.

As a child of the Most High GOD, we are the righteousness of GOD through CHRIST JESUS. And because of this, it is in HIM that we are shown the very essence of our FATHER. We have a clear sight of who HE is because HE is revealed to us. Not only that this revelation of our FATHER is shooting up within us from faith and leads to more faith which discloses and awakens even more faith. We are a just people of faith and because of this, we live by faith. Dear beloved siblings stop listening to those very negative thoughts in your head. As a man, woman, boy or girl thinks so are you. Once you came to JESUS you no longer can be identified as what you once were, you are a new creation in CHRIST JESUS, old things you have passed away / died, they are gone and only you can revive them by performing CPR. Don’t do that. Stop that stinking thinking, each time that stinking thinking comes up speak who you are to yourself until you believe it. You need to renew your mind. Throw rocks at those negative thoughts by going to the ROCK who is JESUS. HIS works are perfect in you and JESUS is Just which makes us just. JESUS is a faithful GOD there is no injustice found in HIM. We can depend on JESUS because JESUS is just and upright in all HIS ways towards us.

We need to discontinue those thoughts of what we did and know who we are. We have been set free from a life sentence in hell waiting for our date to be executed. We have been pardon by the highest court, we don’t have a record and yet some of us keep reflecting on what we did. Stop it and go on and live the freedom of life in CHRIST JESUS by sinning no more. How do we do this? Simple, rely on the fact that JESUS is the One who is responsible for bringing forward by making our righteousness our pursuit of right standing with GOD, not us. JESUS is the huge light and we are the little lights and we are continually following that light of JESUS. So relax we have already been judged and our justice is like the sun of the afternoon.

We have a reason to shout glory and praise HIS name forever more. Get this today, adjust your eyes to see this. JESUS was betrayed by everyone who did not believe in HIM from the past, present, and future. JESUS was crucified by everyone who betrayed HIM who did not believe in HIM from the past, present, and future. However, JESUS got up from the dead, JESUS got up from the grave because of our justification in HIM, for those who believe in HIM. Those from the past that were born pre-crucifixion, during the crucifixion and post-crucifixion that believed by faith, there it is again, faith believes by faith in JESUS we are the ones that were, are and will be acquitted and absolved from all sins before GOD.  We are being given a gift it’s free to us because we are not the ones who had to pay the cost but it was not free to the FATHER. This gift is costly, no gift on earth will ever compare to the price which JESUS CHRIST paid for you alone. We were offenders, yet HIS gift is the justification which resulted in us.

So in conclusion after explaining to you that you are indeed a just one in JESUS. That JESUS has a perfect justice system that is not overbearing and is fair. And that our justification came at a high cost. I thought it would be nice to remind some and to inform others that we are actually justified by our faith in CHRIST JESUS. We actually have peace living within us so we should be living in peace, in our homes, at our workplace, in our schools or wherever. Peace is with us because we walk in the knowledge of knowing that we are justified and that by faith in CHRIST JESUS we are in GOD and HE brings HIS peace.  

Romans 1:17, Deuteronomy 32:4, Psalms 37:6, Romans 4:25, 5:16, 5:1


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