Do You Have Your New Behavior-Character?

Colossians 3:12

A Man’s Closet


As Born-Again CHRISTians we may have read several times and have been preached to about our focus scripture. But are many aware that this scripture’s purpose is to teach us [The Key To Remain Unified Is To Show Compassion And Forgiveness Toward One Another]?

We the Believers in CHRIST JESUS, the Born-Again CHRISTians, the children of The Living GOD must open up our spiritual closet, and wardrobe, or go to our clothing rack and choose an outfit for the day. What we choose to wear for the day must be CHRIST LOVE, CHRIST PEACE, GOD’s WORD, and to be THANKFUL.

A Woman’s Closet


FATHER through CHRIST JESUS did not give us our new life to live quietly among our family, neighbors, schoolmates, co-workers, and whomever we come in contact with from day to day. No, we must all become sensitive to the Holy Ghost listening to what He is speaking into our spiritual ears and being obedient to whatever He commands us to either do or say.

Our new life in CHRIST JESUS is to share not to badger them or to beat them up. We not only do this with our words but our words must match up with our character and integrity. We must never become agitated, irritated, or weary when a person that we will like to share JESUS with does not want to hear what we have to say or they politely sit or stand and hear our voice yet, choose not to believe. When we speak to another we must have the mindset that we are either axe slingers or the person who is planting or watering so that GOD our FATHER through CHRIST JESUS will get the increase.

Okay, what is an axe slinger? One who slings the axe to the tree, yet the tree may not fall quickly because of the density of the plant. We may need to get another axe slinger to help us to chop down that tree. But we may never consider that with each chop the tree is becoming weaker and will fall. It is the same with those who are the planters unknowingly and with those who are the waterers unknowingly. The various planters will share JESUS with sinners who have been spoken to at various times and have not decided to come to JESUS. And the waterers unknowingly will either come and water to soften the soil or will come behind to water the seed that has been planted. Breaking up difficult, hard ground which is the heart may take years. But just as the one who asked for help to sling another axe to the opposite side of the tree to expedite the weakness of that tree and the helper may be the one who will yell out timber and will get the credit. This does not negate the fact that each person that slung the axe at that tree is not just as credible as the one who got the credit. Getting credit from people should not matter because JESUS is the ONE who will provide us the credit.

We must always remember that GOD has given all of us the free will to choose. Remember that none of us came into this world saved, most of us do not receive salvation as young children or as teens. Most of us come to JESUS when we are adults and it is almost certain that most of us have seen church service on the television, gone to a worship service on Saturday or Sunday, on Mother’s Day or CHRISTmas. And for many of us who have attended a funeral service we heard a sermon being preached. Yet, it took a while before we decided to believe in JESUS.

However, our new life in CHRIST JESUS comes with expression. Expression is not merely the countenance of the face, but it is an act of speaking, making the declaration, and being a representative of heaven. Expression is also the action of doing what JESUS said we are capable of doing, living as JESUS desires for us to live, and being obedient to the will of The FATHER through CHRIST JESUS.



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