We must be slow to speak

James 3

What do you love to speak about? Is it your family; sports; work; school or people in general? What do you have to say about your chosen subject that will edify the hearer? Though I love to speak about JESUS; I can have a conversation about other things that go on in this great big world of ours. I enjoy speaking about the accomplishments made by my son, daughter, grandson and son-in law. I enjoy speaking to anyone that will have a conversation with me about life in general; as long as it’s not too serious. However, I have made a practice of remaining clear from those that I know have nothing good to speak about. I stay clear of those who love to boast about themselves. I stay totally clear of those that have negative conversation as a practice of conversation. I always have; I enjoy listening to jokes and other pleasantries; I enjoy light hearted conversations. We should look for the positive to speak about; instead of the negative. If we were to do this maybe so many of us would stay out of trouble. Mankind is in possession of an organ that can provide life or death to the hearer. None of us know how to properly use this instrument. That little thing that we all have in our bodies will cause great and horrific problems for mankind and has since the beginning. Had Adam just said that he was guilty of committing sin instead of blaming his wife and GOD for his problems; man may have been forgiven and not suffer the consequences of sin. Why is it that so many people will proclaim that they don’t like drama; yet, will sit or stand around and listen to negative conversations from others? Males exchanging conversations about females; which is considered disrespectful. Females exchanging conversations about anyone that they believe is a threat. Males and females speak loudly and disrespectful towards each other and themselves. How do we put an end to such non-sense? First, realize that of all the living that mankind can tame the one thing mankind cannot tame is the tongue. The tongue is a fire set ablaze; full of sin. This small organ defiles the entire body when used inappropriately. The tongue is known as hells fire; it’s full of deadly poison. No man can tame the tongue. This is why we must renew our minds with the Word of GOD so that we can speak according to HIS will which is healing; salvation; the glory and mercy of JESUS. Speak to one another in love and respect. I know that older readers will have heard this saying “You speak with forked tongue.” How true is this accusation? With our tongue we bless GOD and with our tongue we speak curses. That’s right; the same mouth that house our tongue; we speak blessings and love; we also speak curses and hate. Everyday, we speak sickness and disease over ourselves and others. This is why we should be slow to speak; we must think before we speak. When we hear negative conversation and we can’t get away; don’t add to the stinking garbage. Never have an input. Think about the Word of GOD. We must learn from the Holy Spirit to keep our mouth shut because we speak from impulse. Our mouth moves faster than we are able to think. When we speak our brain becomes quiet to listen to what it is that the mouth is saying. It is said that if you really want to know the character of a person let the person speak. Our conversation will always reveal to others who we are. Our conversation will reveal our true heart. JESUS has said that out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks, Luke 6:45. So the question is; what are we filling our heart with? Born-again CHRISTians must be example setters; we must be leaders; we must show the world that we are not like them. We have been cleansed from our evil ways and that we no longer speak as we once did. I refuse to believe that there are more lost sinners in this world than children of the living GOD. We have to win the lost with what we speak and our conduct.  There was a time when my mouth was filled with profanity; even I did not realize just how much I used to use that language. When my spiritual daughter told me that I use profanity far too much and that for one who is educated, literal and have great command of the English language as I do; she knew that there was no reason why I would choose to use profanity the way I did to get my point across. I bless her for pointing that out because it made me take self inventory; it made me go to the Word of GOD and look for scriptures about my mouth and speaking. I remember daily I would pray that GOD would dispatch angels on the corners of my mouth to keep me from using profanity. I never knew that although I never saw this scripture that it’s actually found in GOD’s Word; read Psalm 141:3.  I wanted to speak as though my mother and father were in the room; because I never used profanity in their presence. Now I’m not saying that I never use profanity because I do; however, when it come flying out of this holy mouth of mine; it’s usually a slip of the tongue and it shows me that profanity still resides in my heart. My tongue is still not tamed; I catch myself saying things that are not from GOD. And more times than not; it’s during those times that I speak on impulse. In the book of Psalms there are many wonderful scriptures about our mouths and it would be wise for us all to take those scriptures one at a time and apply them to our lives. Ask GOD to bridle our tongue through JESUS. HE will do this for us because HE desires only the best to come out of us. So when you feel the need to say something; just remember before you speak to think then think again. Ask yourself if what you are about to say going to edify the hearer and will this bring glory to GOD your FATHER? If so, then speak allowing the Holy Spirit to guide your speech in JESUS name. Even when we speak in jest. http://about.me/amfbministry

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