What are you appointed to do

2Timothy 1

Throughout the LORD GOD’s holy Word we will find various things that we are appointed to do. Some of those assignments are meant for the body of CHRIST JESUS. Some are assigned to a specific people. In 2 Timothy 1 there is a small mixture assigned to a specific people and there is no confusion about it. There are some who have been sidetracked by the lime light and it will take the Word of GOD to scoot them back to being about the business of the FATHER. Then there are some who are just plain scared to share their faith with others. However, if we were to ask the FATHER in the name of JESUS to help us hear the voice of the Holy Spirit who is the perfect witness of CHRIST JESUS and to give us wisdom for the day. Opportunities will be revealed where we can share our faith without sounding so churchy. Christianiese must be removed from our resume of other languages that we speak and just be ourselves as we share GOD’s grace, love, kindness, mercy and patience with others. None of us are perfect and when we come to that realization we will be able to attract the lost to JESUS. We will become fishers of mankind and allow JESUS to clean the fish. We mess things up by trying to clean the fish before they are caught. Allow the Holy Spirit to train us by the reading of the Word of GOD to develop a clear conscience so that we can serve our GOD with the fruit of joy that cannot be taken away because circumstances is not what causes us to have joy. Joy is an attribute of the Holy Spirit. Happiness is built on circumstances; one moment we can be happy the next upset. Remember the faith that we have in JESUS which should be none hypocritical. We can do all things through CHRIST JESUS and JESUS promised that we can do the things that HE has done here on earth and far greater. So it is up to us to believe that and to build up our faith in the Word by daily reading and exercise that faith. Stir up within ourselves the gift of GOD because it’s in all of us. The LORD GOD is not a respecter of people that HE will give what belongs to HIM to chosen vessels. We all can stir up our faith in GOD’s Word and witness GOD in action through us. The problem is that we don’t take the Word of GOD seriously and then when we see people doing things and people are being affected by it. We make those people who are operating by faith into super stars of ministry. Signs and Wonders for CHRISTians should be the normal activity for us all. Another reason why we don’t operate by faith is because we are scared; we listen to the enemy in our mind saying “what if it does not work and other negative things” this causes fear. Our DADDY has not given us a spirit of fear; we have power from the Holy Spirit and we are moved by the love that we have for our DADDY, we are moved by the love that we have for JESUS, we are moved by the love that we exhibit for others. We have a sound mind regardless of what the enemy says to us in our mind; this is why we can’t think the negative thoughts away; this is why we can’t think of scriptures. What gets rid of the enemy from speaking to us in our minds is that we have to speak the Word of GOD. Let us perform a small test; speak anything. Now I want you to listen for thoughts as you speak. You can’t hear your thoughts because your mind shuts down to hear what your mouth is saying. Isn’t that amazing! Do Not be ashamed of JESUS CHRIST; do not be ashamed to share your testimony. We all have to suffer for the gospel; we all will be rejected when we speak about JESUS; so what. Keep on sharing; someone will listen. And know that it’s not you who is doing the saving; it’s not you who has the power to do anything; our power comes from the LORD GOD through CHRIST JESUS who has given us HIS Holy Spirit. We are saved and we are called with a holy calling; we all don’t have a ministry behind a pulpit; nor should we seek that for ourselves. Our ministry is right where we are; place of employment; school; where we volunteer and home. It’s not about our works it’s about JESUS own purpose and HIS grace which HE has given to each of us before time began. The Savior of  mankind has finally been revealed; HE was born of a virgin; HE was parented by Joseph and Mary; HE played as any other child; HE grew up loving and understanding the Word because HE is the Word. HE taught in the synagogues at a very early age. HE went into the family business with HIS dad Joseph who was a carpenter. Then HE went into HIS family business with HIS DAD who is the Creator of all. HE ministered, taught, prophesied, healed the sick, raised the dead, opened the blind eyes, opened the deaf ears, caused the lame to walk, fed 5000 with 2 fish and 5 loaves of bread and 4000 people with 7 loaves of bread and a few small fish. JESUS also walked on the water (not in the water) just like we walk on the land not in the land. JESUS annulled, did away with, put an end to and voided death. It is appointed to man that we die once; those of us who will face a physical death before the return of JESUS will simply go to sleep and the sleep is so deep that all vitals stop. We sleep because when JESUS return we will come up out of our graves just like they did in the days of old when JESUS was resurrected and many had seen their loved ones. When JESUS ascended so did the great cloud of witnesses. However, those who refuse to hear; refuse to accept the truth about JESUS they will die and die again. They will die a physical death and they will die a spiritual death where their soul will be eternally tormented in the never ending flames of hell. Where hate is intensified beyond all knowledge by those who once loved them that they may see there. Where every imaginable creepy crawling thing will eat away at the non-believer. The believer in CHRIST JESUS is immortal; we can experience life differently here on earth that will bring glory to the LORD GOD. So don’t be ashamed; know in whom we believe in; know whom has persuaded us; know who is able to keep us because we have committed ourselves to CHRIST JESUS. Keep the pattern of the soundness found in GOD’s holy Word through faith and love which are in CHRIST JESUS. To the appointed apostle, preacher and teacher you have been given an assignment to spread the good news throughout your community (a change can be made in the Word of GOD); then you can spread the good news from state to state and city to city. Then and only then after you have seen the change should you go out to the international nations. So many of us say that we have been called to the nations and yet our homes are in turmoil. Take care of your home first in the Word, your community, your city and state, reach out to your own nation then if and when the Holy Spirit inform you that you are to go international are you to go. Forget about having a mega anything; forget about having a television ministry if you don’t have the finances and you begin to pimp the people’s wallets. Forget about the lime light and remember the lost souls. What the LORD GOD desires for you should be adhered to and the desire of your heart will be provided also because of your obedience. http://about.me/amfbministry

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